Hold the Line

Information and resources for people being coerced, who do not want a COVID Vaccine.

You Are The Front Line

Over the last week, the team at RDA has been contacted by thousands of people from all over the country, both employees and small business owners, looking for assistance with the recent mandatory vaccination directions. While we are unable to provide legal advice or assistance with each individuals situation, we have put this webpage together with links to resources and support you can use to #HoldTheLine and #JustSayNo.

There’s no doubt, we are going through the fight of our lives and we appreciate you standing up for your rights. Every time someone succeeds in preserving their liberty, we get one step closer to gaining our freedoms back as a nation. You are on the front line of this battle, and we can’t begin to imagine the stress you’re under. Please, stay strong. They want to wear us down and make us feel defeated…which is exactly why we must do the opposite…stay strong and hopeful!

Information and Resources for Employees

You Do Have Options:

  • DO NOT QUIT. Remember, you have rights and options if you’re dismissed and virtually none if you choose to resign.
  • DELAY DELAY DELAY. Find ways to delay if possible. Keep in mind, you will need to respond to your employer with a decision regarding the mandate at some point. See Letters & Resources below.
  • TAKE LEAVE. If you have any leave available like sick, holiday or long-service leave, this may be a good time to use some. If you’re feeling anxious, consider taking stress leave if it’s an option.
  • LODGE A CLAIM. If the mandate is causing you a lot of stress and anxiety, consider lodging a claim with your to your states WHS authority for mental health concerns.
  • APPLY FOR A DISASTER PAYMENT. If you are unable to work or lose your job due to restrictions, you may be entitled to a temporary payment from either Centrelink or your state government.
  • JOIN A UNION or SUPPORT GROUP. Several new groups and unions have started to assist employees in resisting coercion.
    See Unions and Groups below.
  • SEEK LEGAL ADVICE or JOIN A CLASS ACTION. We are in contact with several law firms helping employee groups with legal action, including Class Actions for those who lose their job over the jab.
    See Law Firms and Class actions below.

Letters and Resources

Below are link to letters and resources from various organisations. We recommend checking all of them and then choosing the ones which best suites you and your individual situation.

Information and Resources for Businesses

The difficulty many small business owners face is not only their own choice around vaccination, but also the choices of their employees and their customers. Our governments have essentially made many small businesses owners responsible for not only policing the vaccination status of their employees and customers but potentially liable for any damages which may occur as a result of mandating their staff and customers be vaccinated.

In this video from Know Your Rights Group, they provide a simple process you can use to challenge vaccine mandates in your business:

  1. Write to your Premier, Chief Health Officer and Local MPs and ask them for your exemption as an employer that allows you to give medical advice to your staff and/or customers regarding taking an experimental vaccine that has not completed clinical trials. If they can’t provide an exemption then you cannot do it. It is the responsibility of the Government to direct your employees and customers to be vaccinated not you as the employer.

  2. Write to your Premier, Chief Health Officer and Local MPs asking for a copy of your exemption from the Privacy Act that allows you to ask yours staff and/or customers for their private medical information.

  3. These questions will confirm that you have no exemption and therefore cannot do it. This paperwork will be required if someone comes knocking at your door asking why you have allowed unvaccinated employees and/or customers into your business.

Additional Resources

Unions and Groups

Red Union run several National Unions for Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, Drivers, Police and Independent Workers.

Many unions have sadly abandoned their members and are unwilling to defend employees who lose their livelihoods because they exercise their right to choose what they put into their own bodies. Luckily, this not the case for all unions and there is at least one group ready to support their members right to choose without coercion.

Red Union operate several unions across multiple industries and have recently started several new unions to meet the growing need as more workers refuse mandatory vaccination. They also happen to be much cheaper to join than many of the other options.
They have also started a union for all workers, the Independent Workers Union of Australia or the IWUA. This means they now cover every potential employee in every industry. We highly recommend you visit their website to find a union which works for you.

Industry Support Groups

In addition to unions, many support groups have formed for certain industries and professions. Some of these may become unions or class actions so they are worth looking into. If you are aware of any more not listed here, please let us know and we will add them to this page. Contact Us.

National Education United is a new Teachers Group started by Christian Mack based in NSW with coverage Nationally also.
Police For Freedom is an international group of Police Officers committed to Serving and Protecting the Public.

Law Firms and Class Actions

Several Class actions have already begun and we are in contact with many other groups in the process of forming class actions at quite large scales. Below are two worth looking into which between them cover many industries. Watch this space for more details coming soon. If you know of a class action or law firm not listed below, please send us the details so we can check them out and add them to this page.  Contact Us.

Australians Say No to forced Vaccination is is joint venture class action between 2 law firms assisting Transport, Healthcare, Aviation, Trades, Construction, Education, Police and Fire Fighters.
Peter from Maatooks Law Group is also running several class actions across multiple industries. Click below to find out more and register your details.

Other Law Firms

Australians Say No is a joint venture between Human Rights Advocates and Advocate Me.

Below are some other law firms and advocates who may be able to provide advice or assist you with your individual situation: 

Mental Health

Most important of all is looking after yourself during times of duress. You are no good to anyone, including yourself when you are stressed and unable to think clearly. Sometimes it’s OK to need and ask for help when it all becomes too much. Below are some links to people dedicated to assisting you when you need it most.

Resources For Your Own Research

This section is still under construction. Soon we will be adding links to articles, videos and other resources which will help you to better understand some of the background information relating to mandatory vaccinations and standing up for your rights and freedoms. So make sure you WATCH THIS SPACE!

Australian Government Website

These extracts are directly from the Australian Government Website:

Do I have to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine will be voluntary and free. As safe and effective vaccines become available the Government will vaccinate as many Australians as possible for COVID-19. If you choose not to have a COVID-19 vaccine your eligibility for Government payments won’t be affected.

Do I need to provide consent for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Providing informed consent is required before getting each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Written consent is not mandatory and consent may be given verbally. Vaccination providers may ask for written consent in some settings according to their normal practices. The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has developed resources for patients and providers to help with providing informed consent to get a COVID-19 vaccination. This includes an optional consent form.


It is not mandatory and individuals may choose not to vaccinate!

Federal Law overrides state law. Safe Work must abide by these. Please refer your employer to page 6 from the below PDF link.

The Australian Governments own Document – Download Here