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One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is the healthy distance home education puts between politics, their peers, and our kids.

We live in an era where government is God and its priesthood is post-modernist partisan activism.

A time when parents are told to rest the responsibility of raising their children in the hands of ‘socialisation’, sporting clubs, or sexualised peers groomed through pornography, propaganda, and sociopathic social media.

This is a time when knowledge is on tap, soured by incoherence and confusion.

A time when feeling good trumps doing good because the God-fearing love of many has grown cold.

We live in a time when experts like big media, Big Pharma, and big government, tell us what to think, when to act, what to say, and what pill to take to keep the manufactured monsters at bay.

A time when we’re told – without regard for the irony – that the only absolute truth is that absolute ‘truths’ don’t exist.

A time when neighbour will denounce neighbour for not using the ‘correct’ pronoun.

A time when family members will bear false witness against family members – accusing them of racism, or bigotry – for honestly refusing to live under condemnation because they’re heterosexual, have a big family, or were born with ‘white’ skin.

Some would say the whole idea of living by lies being a loving act, is indicative of the fact we’ve entered a dystopian society without realising it.

A society ruled by the drugs of comfort, pleasure, ‘niceness’, victim cults, and nanny state safetyism.

On par with Chinese Communism, the political incursion into our children’s spaces is already taking place.

One local Church-owned centre near me doesn’t consider itself Christian.

Educators cannot teach Christian kids the gospel, nor are they allowed to do Christian art and craft for fear of being wrapped over the knuckles by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) thought police.

They’re not allowed to read to kids moral stories grounded in Biblical truths that have been the glue of good government (and civil unity in Western Civilisation) for centuries.

To illustrate how skewed the ‘sector’s’ political priorities are, daycare kids can recite the 70s-era Welcome to Country, but not Advance Australia Fair or the Lord’s Prayer.

To add, I was recently told that daycare educators are being forced to refer to their industry as a ‘sector’.

Their educators, regardless of age, level of certification, and experience, are to be ambiguously referred to as ‘professionals’.

In a way this diabolical political newspeak somewhat makes sense.

The Childcare ‘sector’, with its large amount of government funding, has become – and is becoming – another branch of our country’s bloated bureaucracy.

Instead of empowering mums and dads, I would argue that these changes give government more power over parents.

For instance, if these new Orwellian government employees, dressed up as daycare workers, say water is no longer wet, or that 2 + 2 no longer equals 4, who are parents to argue?

After all, these workers – some of whom are childless and fresh out of school – are parenting ‘professionals!’

With the penchant for replacing playtime and education with indoctrination, it turns out Australian daycares, really aren’t about caring for kids at all.

Consider how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – all part of the mentally unstable Woke ideology – excludes Christian kids from celebrating and learning about Christian holidays with their friends.

What this turn towards 1984 looks like, is a seditious scheme to replace parents with parenting professionals.

Mum and dad replaced by the non-gender specific all-powerful state.

To paraphrase Roger Scruton, it’s only when we examine the roots behind these changes, that we begin to ‘find refuge from the demon’.

Pre-empting the Woke apocalypse, the late great the British philosopher, declared:

‘Vulgar relativism has no hope of surviving outside the minds of ignorant rascals.

‘The writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.’

Homeschool where you can, when you can, and if you can.

Article originally posted on Caldron Pool

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