Should you homeschool – Book an appointment with the principal ASAP

ATTENTION VICTORIA – Doctors are going to 200 schools to try and vaccinate as many kids as they can. Book an appointment with the principal asap to find out if your school is involved and make sure your kids ARE NOT THERE that day. See video here

With the introduction of children’s covid vaccines and mask mandates in schools, parents are becoming more uneasy about the mainstream education system and are considering homeschooling their children.  

There have been reports around Australia that student teachers who have minimal placements in schools are being invited to apply for full-time jobs with minimal experience. Teachers who are not qualified are being bought in to fill the gaps, and teaching positions are being filled with foreign teachers who may not have proficiency in English.  

The decision to unenroll your child from the mainstream system can be a daunting one, and with the support of a fantastic member of the RDA Family, we have put together resources to help you be fully informed of the homeschooling process so that you can decide which method of schooling will suit your family. 

Before deciding, first consider booking a one-on-one appointment with the principal: 

Before unenrolling your child from school, some parents have suggested securing an interview with your child’s principal first to ask questions about some of the critical issues impacting your decision. 

We have put together a list of questions to assist you with this appointment 

Download the questions document here

Considering Home-schooling? 

After interviewing your principal, if you decide that removing your child from school is the right decision, an incredible member of the RDA Family and former Educator has put together this handy resource to help you through every step of the way. 

Download resource here 

If you decide that school right now is the best option for your child and family, check out this initiative put together by SKIP Australia. 

SKIP Australia has produced a “Schools on Notice” pack containing a letter addressed to the principal and a resource booklet, both highlighting the risks and responsibilities of the Principal and School staff around the issues of: 

  • the low risk to children presented by Covid-19 and variants; 
  • the questionable benefit of masking and the potential harms masking can cause children; 
  • the questionable effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines provisionally approved for children and their potential risks; and 
  • other risks of harm to children from pandemic measures, including discrimination, bullying, segregation, traumatisation, school closures, etc. 

You can visit SKIP Australia’s website, here.

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  1. My wife and I didn’t send or 4 children back to school after the Christmas holiday we started home schooling them I don’t trust the system anymore

  2. I would encourage parents to talk to experienced home educators who know the ropes. Homeschooling is not new, we’re into our 2nd and 3rd generations now.

    1. I just follow the Australian curriculum and have evidence for the moderator. Although I know some who haven’t enrolled with home education dept.

  3. It’s amazing how many people you admire as free thinkers…. and later find they were home schooled. Most say they were really grateful as it got them out of the “group think” and let them enjoy learning and made them into lifelong learners.

    There are many good interviews with Joseph Chilton Pearce on youtube about natural fun learning.His main theme is that play is learning,and learning to think from the heart, not just the head.

    The need for free thinking could be seen in a hypothetical case where people might be told by their TV that a flu was a killer disease and they should take a toxic vaccine ,and if all their rights and freedoms were taken away bit by bit would they even notice?