How Much of the COVID19 Narrative Was True? By Mike Yeadon

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that all of the key narrative points about the virus & the measures imposed are incorrect. Given the sources of these points are scientists, doctors and public health officials, they are not simply mistaken. Instead, they have lied in order to mislead. I believe the motivations of those who I call the perpetrators become clear, once it is understood internalised that the entire event is based on lies. In recent days, news is breaking that antibodies are present in European blood banks from 2019. The implications are enormous.

In the first three months of the covid event, I started noticing senior scientific & medical advisors on UK television say things which I found disturbing. Hard to put my finger on the specifics, but they included remarks like “because this is a new virus, there won’t be any immunity in the population”, “everyone is vulnerable” and “in view of the very high lethality of the virus, we are exploring how best to protect the population”. I had been reading extensively about the apparent spread of SARS-CoV-2 in China and beyond, and had already arrived at a number of important conclusions. Essentially, I was sure that, objectively, we weren’t going to experience a major event, based on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, but what was happening was that, in my view, senior people were acting a lot more frightened than seemed appropriate.

It was with this heightened interest that I began close examination of all aspects of the alleged pandemic. I suspected something very bad was happening when the Imperial College (Neil Ferguson) modelling paper was released. This claimed that over 500,000 people in UK would die unless severe “measures” were put in place. Ferguson had over-projected all of the last five disease-related emergencies in UK, and had been responsible for the destruction of the beef herd through modelling spread of foot & mouth disease. I had been reading around all sorts of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” (NPIs) and what this had taught me was that there was absolutely no experimental literature around any of those being spoken of, except masks, which were clearly ineffective in blocking respiratory virus transmission. The non-experts in main media drew on a very limited group of experts and I noticed that none were immunologists.

I had in parallel watched the evolving scene in Sweden & was pleased to note that their chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, seemed to know what he was doing & had dismissed the panic. I knew he’d been the deputy of Johan Gieseke, his predecessor, who was still around in an emeritus role. Gieseke was also reassuringly calm.

The final straw was when on March 23 2020, the British prime minister initiated the first “lockdown”. This was wholly without precedent. I knew Sweden had rejected them as wholly unnecessary & also extremely damaging. From that day forward, the team from the UK strategic advisory group for emergencies (SAGE) put up one or more members every day to appear alongside the prime minister or the health minister.

These press conferences were meandering affairs and it wasn’t clear what purpose they had. The questions asked never sought to place things on context, but instead to always explore the outer edges of possible outcomes and then follow up remarks that we didn’t seem adequately prepared. In retrospect, I think the aim was to make them the only “must watch” thing on TV and with such a large, captive audience, a form of fear-based hypnosis was instigated. We were much later informed by Matias Desmet that this was indeed the aim, and this process is called “mass formation”.–Covid-and-Mass-Hypnosis

As soon as lockdown was initiated, the focus turned full force onto mass testing, especially testing people without symptoms. I knew this didn’t make any sense, because if a large enough number of people are tested daily, without knowledge of the false positive rate, we would certainly very quickly be panicked into thinking there were lots of people walking around with the virus, unaware they had it and allegedly spreading it to others. Once lockdown was in place, in addition to testing, the press conferences focused on numbers in hospital, numbers on ventilators and ultimately the daily deaths “with covid”. Treatments and improved lifestyle were never spoken of. The first lockdown lasted 12 weeks, with most office staff told to ‘work from home’ while being paid ‘furlough’ (a word never before used in Britain). The “fear porn” continued all the way into high summer, long after daily covid deaths had reached approximately zero, and the introduction of mandatory masking in all public areas in the heat of summer, when they had never been required before, was the last straw for me. It was all theatre and I set out to investigate a couple of core concepts: the “PCR test” and “asymptomatic transmission”. I’m embarrassed to say it wasn’t until the autumn of 2020 that I had clear in my mind, with mounting horror, that the entire event, if not completely manufactured, as being grossly exaggerated, with the intent of deceiving the entire “liberal democratic West”. Scores of countries were economically being squeezed to death. I knew that from a financial perspective, borrowing or printing enough money to subsidize tens of millions to remain as home could not be long sustained without destroying the sovereign currency. Strangely, exchange rates didn’t move much, another clue that powerful forces were managing this event as well as its consequences. Around this time, country leaders started talking about “Build Back Better” and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset book appeared.

Around this time, I developed the idea of “The covid lies”. It seemed to me that everything we had been told about the virus wasn’t true and also that all the NPIs imposed upon us couldn’t work and so were for nothing more than show. Anyone challenging the dominant narrative was attacked, smeared, censored and cancelled on social media and no reasonable and independent voices were ever seen or heard on TV and radio.

In the second half of the year, the conversation turned to the oncoming vaccines. Having spent 32 years in pharmaceutical R&D, I knew what we were being told was just lies. Its not possible to bypass a dozen years of careful work or to compress it into a few months. What was to emerge was almost certain, to my mind, to be very dangerous. I read my way into this area, and grew more concerned still.

In what follows, I ONLY isolate the major narrative points themselves and show that none of them are true. So not just a little lying here and there. No, the entire construct was false. I will describe all the main ones. After that, I’ll show how they were able to get away with it.

At the conclusion, I believe the reader will share my view that the whole event is manufactured or exaggerated from a mild situation. No alternative views were permitted in the ‘public square’. A group of powerful media organisations assembled in 2019 and founded the Trusted News Initiative. The purpose was both to control the mass media message and crush alternative voices from any direction.

All of it was lies. Not mistakes. Many politicians repeated others’ lines & might offer as defence that they relied on experts to inform them. However, those who promoted them from the public health departments knew they were untrue. What possible motive might there have been to create this state of fear? Who must have been involved to have granted authorisation to do it?

The question of motive has to arise. I have tried to find benign explanations & failed to do so. The conclusions I’m drawn to logically make very disturbing reading. I look forward to discussing this with you and indeed anyone. It’s unlikely I am correct on every point. What I am sure of is that the overall picture is one of extreme deception and a highly-organised fraud. I am not alone in reaching this view. This author steps through what they would do in order to take over the world through a simultaneous “coup d’etat” of the liberal democracies.

However, I’m the ONLY former executive from big pharma R&D anywhere in the world speaking out. I’ve invested 2y pro bono in identifying the key elements of the fraud, in the sincere hope I can connect with upright individuals who can help bring this to wider attention and ultimately, to a halt and to justice. I can describe a global fraud operating for two years at tremendous cost in lives, the economy and the very structure of human societies can only be undertaken by powerful people, organised for a purpose which is not to the benefit of ordinary people.

Best wishes and thanks for reading,


Ps: though not all central, there is a large number of ancillary points and I have assembled a few here:

  1. In a series of short films, you will find another team’s interpretation of the same fraud, with remarkable similarities. Note in particular, film 2 (3.5min) on non-pharmaceutical interventions:
  2. German investigative journalist, Paul Schreyer, shows that this fraud was rehearsed for many years, increasingly with all the stakeholders now running the alleged covid19 fraud:
  3. Why were autopsies strongly discouraged worldwide in 2020 & still today? To cover up the lack of covid19 deaths. After vaccination, a large fraction of deaths have been judged to be due to the vaccines & lack covers them up, too.
  4. On what basis were “cases” determined purely by the result of one test, much disputed as to it’s appropriateness? The Nobel prize winning inventor of the test, Dr Kary Mullis stated definitively that PCR must not be used to diagnose viral illnesses.
  5. A death from any cause, within 28 days of a positive test for SARS-CoV-2, is recorded as a “covid death”. Its absurd and we have never assigned cause of death like this before, ever. The effect of untrustworthy PCR tests and the arbitrary assignment of a dubious positive as somehow causative of death has been a very effective way to fool and frighten people. Most do not know that there are literally scores of viruses which can infect human airways, some of which in elderly and infirm people, can give rise to severe illness, even common cold viruses.
  6. Hospital treatment protocols, where I have explored them, look designed to kill. In UK, the pathway starts with everyone being tested with untrustworthy PCR tests and these are applied repeatedly for an in-patient. Given 2% of admissions end in a hospital death, repeated poor testing guarantees a lot of “covid deaths”. A patient “diagnosed” as positive covid is placed in isolation and visitors not allowed until they are moribund. A standard treatment involves intravenous midazolam and morphine from a syringe driver, at doses up to 10x greater than advisable for a patient capable of breathing unaided. This often results in respiratory failure and either immediate death or mechanical ventilation, accompanied by withdrawal of all care, and of course they then expire. Its murder. Again, in UK, we have documentary evidence that the UK NHS stockpiled a year’s supply of midazolam, by ordering it normally, but banning 2019 prescriptions. In no more than two months in 2020, the entire supply was exhausted by April, and another year’s supply was bulk purchased from a generics company in France, cleaning out their stock. Something similar occurred in US hospitals, with ramped cash bonuses for each stage passed, up to & including mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is rarely appropriate, because covid19 is NOT an obstructive lung disorder. Blood oxygen desaturation is best addressed using non-invasive masks with elevated oxygen levels. We tried this in Italy in Feb 2020 and they then ceased mechanical ventilation within a week, so stark were the differences in outcomes (most ventilated patients died, most masked patients survived). Apparently, the method of treatment they’d been given from “colleagues in Wuhan” was what they called “the Wuhan protocol”. In this, the guidance was that the sooner they sedated & ventilated an agitated patient, the better their chances. This was a lie. Panicked patients needed anxiolytics and an oxygen mask, but they were instead killed.  
  7. I have been incensed by the mis-use of novel, experimental “vaccines” in recovered individuals (they are immune & risks of adverse events are greatly increased, because the body is already poised to attack any cells expressing spike protein). They are also used in pregnant women, who are not at greatly elevated risks from covid19, because they tend to be young and healthy. We’ve NEVER approved the use of experimental agents in pregnant women since thalidomide (1956-62), certainly without “reproductive toxicology”. None of the vaccines have a completed “reprotox package”. I filed a short, expert opinion to court with AFLDS on this topic. {insert}
    Finally, the mis-use of these agents in healthy children without question has reverse risk/benefit: they kill far more than the virus could. The whole things stinks of a purpose different from public health, because if it was a legitimate public health effort, we definitely would NOT do any of these things. Officials lied on the national broadcaster, such as the BBC, smearing people like me, who had written the world’s first treatise, explaining some of our concerns. Note that this petition was co-authored by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, the public health doctor & minor politician who stopped the fraudulent “swine flu pandemic” in 2009.
  8. Next, two strange occurrences. First, the WHO altered the definition of “immunity”, to exclude “natural immunity”. ( That meant that only vaccination could accomplish the goal. They eventually changed this back, but for many, the damage was done and non-experts didn’t trust natural immunity, even though it is superior to that from vaccination, because the body has been exposed to all parts of the virus and will therefore respond to any part of it if reinfected. Next, the WHO changed the definition of “pandemic”, which previously meant the simultaneously spreading across many countries of a pathogen, causing many cases and deaths. It was changed to eliminate the need for many deaths (see 45min 50 sec Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, interviewed on UK TV in 2010 after the exaggerated swine flu pandemic, which I now believe was something of a rehearsal for the 2020 covid19 pandemic): This is a critical point, because PCR can be designed against any pathogen and protocols adopted such that a large number of false positives appear. This grants bad actors the ability relatively easily to create the illusion of a pandemic, almost to order. Many people simply don’t believe experts when they talk of “very high fraction of positive test results being false positives”. I assure you there have genuinely been a number of events where the entire suspected epidemic was an illusion, and 100% of positives were false positives. Here is an example which, when I first read it, get me a crawling sensation. I wonder if it was this genuine event that birthed the method for exaggerating (or even fully faking) a pandemic in which are currently living.
  9. I noticed early on that Gates said “we won’t return to normal until pretty much the whole planet has been vaccinated”. This is a bizarre statement from a person with no medical or scientific training. It is never necessary to vaccinate the entire population, when only the elderly and infirm are at serious risk of death if infected. Note that the median age of deaths from / with covid was the same or even older than the median age of death due to all causes. Blair insisted that vaccine passports would be essential to confidence. Again, absurd, especially once we learned that these vaccines do not prevent transmission. Once this became clear, the case for coerced vaccination vanished and this is the present position. Yet, my unvaccinated relatives may not enter the US. The safest person to be around, if you fear infection, isn’t a vaccinated person, but a person who is fit and well, with no respiratory symptoms.
  10. The practise of “boosting”, giving people dose after dose of poorly-designed agent, ostensibly to reinforce their immunity, has no immunological basis. No genuine immunity wanes in a few months, sometimes even a few weeks. The perpetrators have exploited the public’s understanding of the annual influenza vaccine and somehow normalised something that is dangerous and ineffective. I also noticed that early on, in discussing immunity, antibodies were the discussion topic. T-cells were an “extremist plot”. This is another absurdity. I can assemble expert witnesses who will attest alongside me that blood-based antibodies are relatively unimportant, potentially irrelevant to infection by respiratory viruses. This is because the virus infects the air side of the airways and blood-based antibodies cannot leave the blood and enter this “compartment”. Blood antibodies and respiratory viruses never meet except under unusual circumstances. On the contrary, T-cells leave the blood and migrate through infected airway tissue, removing infected cells.
  11. Prof Neil Ferguson (Imperial) has a poor record of modelling & predictions:
  12. Frighteningly prescient testimony from a former WHO staffer, Jane Burgermeister, in 2010. Her understanding was that respiratory virus pandemics will be used to force near universal vaccination and that this had sinister motives. I dismissed this the first time I saw it. Many of us turn away instinctively from evil because we cannot or do not want to believe that other humans are capable of that which our logic tells us is happening. I now no longer reject it. It fits far too well with the totally independent Paul Schreyer documentary.
  13. Another doctor made similar claims, Dr Rima Laibow. This testimony speaks of population rejection, and like Jane Burgermeister, locates the fraud in a conceptual world government. Again, one can reject it, or consider it alongside other pieces of information.

Dr Mike Yeadon: experienced life sciences R&D professional

  • There is no reason for me to be saying the things I do, other than that I believe them to be true.
  • I am the most highly- and broadly-qualified scientist (32y in commercial R&D)speaking out about this alleged fraud.
  • I have no financial or other conflicts of interest, unlike most of those who I assert are deceiving the public, everywhere.
  • I hugely enjoyed my years with Pfizer. They were a good employer and I left on excellent terms as they shuttered their UK R&D base.
  • Evidence of this is that I formed a business partnership with Pfizer the year after I left (2012) and we worked together on an ultimately successful venture, which concluded profitably for all in 2017.
  • I have never campaigned for or against anything in my life, and I have never made public comment on anything outside the narrow confines of my professional roles, prior to covid19.

Professional profile:

-Chief Scientific Advisor to America’s Frontline Doctors & to the Truth For Health Foundation.

-former founder and CEO of Ziarco, a biotech acquired by Novartis (2017).

-former VP and worldwide head of allergy & respiratory research at Pfizer, UK (1995-2011)

-independent consultant to over 30 biotech companies, mostly US (2011-2021).

-double first class honours degree in biochemistry & toxicology

-PhD in respiratory pharmacology

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  1. Brilliant!!! This should be compulsory reading for anyone in any way connected with giving or recommending the vaxs.( Together with watching the Pfizer docs and the Dr Tess Laurie videos. ) The qualifications of our CHO’s are like a tiny dot compared to Michael Yeaden’s…..The fact that he was dismissed by one dimensional one step thinkers is like a young kid who barely knows which way the chesspieces move citisizing a chess Grand Master.

    You can get a lot more out of this brilliant statement if you know more of who Michael Yeaden is.

    He is a a rare genious who can think multi dimensionly and keep track of all the steps and possibilities and see patterns way before others.

    He has everything to lose by taking the stand he has. Though he retired just before covid he has lost six figure incomes from sitting on board of directors for companies and has lost his reputation for his lifetimes work.

    He is unique in that he gets behind what is driving the narrative.

    He has studied and worked with many heads of health departments across England ,Europe and America and many employed him as an expert adviser to make pandemic plans ( which they all abandoned to go with the narrative).He had many long private conversations with many of them and they would privately agree with him ….then publicly come out and say the exact opposite.

    He described himself as the world’s ultimate Normie Normal. He spent most of his time either in a lab or talking to other scientists. He got all his information from the BBC and used to run in horror if anyone said anything that sounded like a conspiracy theory.

    He was so deeply upset by what he knew was lies that he came to see that the conspiracy theories behind them were mostly right.

    He was in mental torment unable to sleep when he heard a 20 min statement from the UK head of the health department that was lie after lie.He just broke down. He had spent many years studying with him and knew it was time to speak out.

    He went to his old lab where he could send an email that went to 4000 news agencies. 3998 ignored him and Del Bigtree’s The Highwire and RFK Jnr’s Childrens Health Defence interviewed him in June 2021.

    These are strange times indeed.Another who spoke out was the French Nobel prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier who recently died at 90. Before Nov 2019 no one out of his field would have even known him. I saw a touching scene at a French 200,000 + people protest.where they drove Luc up to the speaker’s platform and helped him up the stairs.He was grinning ear to ear as the huge crowd cheered him and chanted his name…. People like Luc and Michael Yeaden are true heroes.

  2. Dr Yeadon has been trying to create awareness of the covid fraud for some time. I have followed his comments for several months now in a number of forums, I find his arguments honest and coming from a well qualified person who has no vested interest in the outcomes other than his care and concern for the people of the world. What we have seen is the greatest hoax on humanity ever in the history of the human race. My hope is that a new Nuremberg type trial will be held and the evil people responsible for this monstrous act will be brought to justice. The realist in me knows that this is very unlikely. But if we want to live free in some form of democratic society I know we must fight these evil monsters, I pray the fight will be peaceful.

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