How to stay sane during this insanity

1. Spend money at smaller businesses who deserve it.

2. Choose one day per week that you and your family DON’T talk about politics or scroll on social media. Try to remember WHO you used to be before all this madness. Remember the things that made you tick, and made you happy…do those things on that day.

3. Join a community group –
4. Start your own –

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  1. I believe the answers lie elsewhere. Yes I’ve protested, held banners, the whole deal, but I knew deep down it was a waste of time. Why? because our Political “leaders” don’t care, not about you or me, or about this country, no, they care only about themselves, their “power” and their money. they are corrupt to the core. Real power, real knowing who we are, what our purpose is and how to understand what is happening and what will happen in the future comes from one Source and one Source only, that is God through the Lord Jesus Christ, through repentance and believing in Him and the study of His manual for Life, the Bible.
    It’s the only way to see any sense, any hope, any real joy in this world that is falling apart.
    So OK, mock the idea, think you can do better or have another way. Sorry, it will fail. It is satan and his forces behind this whole evil, and there is One Person only Who can defeat this evil. He achieved it 2000 years ago on the cross and is coming again to bring vengeance on the wickedness we all see in this world. We can join the real victor in this battle, or we can try through our own strength.
    I know which will succeed and which will fail.
    This is where I stand, along with millions of Christians.

    1. I’m a little confused about the stance of the Christians in all of this. Christians are good ethical people and the largest group in the world and they seem to be missing in action.

      Riccardo Bosi had a very powerful interview on his Australia One site with former Trades Hall Council leader, John Wilson entitled “How to win this spiritual war……advice to Christians from a former Communist.” John said most of the Christian groups had been subtly infiltrated, and as a former Communist he had been trained to do it. He didn’t elaborate, but that is the thing I have noticed.

      Years ago ,whenever I was in the city and would talk to Christians they would all talk about the wrongs and evils in the world and how they were trying to right them with prayers and actions
      Now if you talk to Christians on the street, they seem to have no awareness of the evil going on and the common theme is ” it doesn’t matter to me because we’re only here for a short time and then we’re going to heaven forever”

      It’s not a complete turn around, just a subtle deviation off course . Imagine the numbers we would have if all Christians were actively together in this spiritual war against evil.

      When Jesus Christ himself encountered the money lenders (the distant equivalent of the WEF now) in the temple he kicked over their tables and drove them out with a whip.

      1. Sadly, I have to agree with you, and you make some important points. The Bible speaks of end times, also the sorting of sheep and goats – this is among the church itself, not Christians vs non Christians. I agree that many who claim to serve the Lord do not, see Matthew 7:21-23 in the bible. I’m personally saddened to see so many in the churches swallow what I believe to be satans lie about the poison jab, masks, mandates, the whole deception.
        God is the Judge, not me, and all will be revealed at the end. We are living in times of great deception, but for those who trust in the saviour, wonderful times are ahead and there is great hope.

        1. Like you, no matter how much I sometimes despair, I still feel great hope.

          Also like you I believe the mistake we are making is looking for a physical solution to a spiritual problem.

          I really believe that the Christians will be a major part. Like I said ,they havn’t been turned around, just subtly diverted off course in a well planned worldwide pych-op.

          I believe prayer will be a major part. Not “dear God give me the winning lotto numbers ” prayer, but real prayer that
          few other than
          very young children and the dying understand.

          “Only children can enter the kingdom of heaven”

          I am awestruck in admiration for many who are appearing out of nowhere in the freedom movements who seem to have this beautiful child like quality.

          Many seem to sense something is wrong and are silently screaming out for the real thing.

          At the same time, because evil is happening so fast we still need the down to earth practical.

          I really like the principles of Australia One with their code of ethics and knowing right from wrong.Riccardo’s religoius principal which he describes as” Praise the Lord and hand me the ammo” is also needed in a world hanging on the balance of tipping to the evil.

  2. All great ideas Monica, thank you. We do need to find ourselves again. I don’t think it’s all been a waste of time and effort, if MSM hadn’t shut us down the powers that be could not have ignored us. We will be proved right, regardless. Meantime, however, I am NOT giving up my fight to get rid of that evil bastard, Dan Andrews…..

      1. Thanks Gray! I do ignore them. I feel sorry for them, they are clearly idiots with nothing better to do. Everything is pointing towards Andrews demise in Nov and shit, do we have a party to end all parties planned. 🙂

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