I did not steal the Third Front Facebook page

Wow that didn’t take long. 

Within days of the formation of a new political party I have become the subject of online attacks. I guess that is not surprising really.

I don’t usually respond to online gossip but in this instance, I believe instinctively, I should. Simply because since we started the party, the online threats and bullying have come in hard and fast and this one is particularly close to home. 

There is a specific online post that falsely claims that I ‘stole a Facebook page’. I will plainly state…this is not true! 

I did assist to improve the page but claim no ownership of the page, its content or any claimed IP.

The simple fact is…there have been THREE name changes to the page and the person making the allegation has tried to look for the original page name. It appears they either can’t find it (due to name change) or are trying to create an issue that does not exist and are now claiming that I stole it or deleted it. 

I was removed from the Facebook page on May 5 and restate that I have no ownership, control or otherwise involvement in this Facebook page whatsoever.

I have provided all explanation and evidence of these facts to that person and pointed out they are making a technical error in trying to locating the Facebook page under its original name. Anyone whom understands Facebook can clearly see that the name has changed and it’s still the same page. 

See posted screenshots for your own independent assessment. 

That person now has full ownership of that page and I am not involved with it whatsoever.

The reason I believed I had to address this specific issue is because I read comments from people who seem genuinely hurt and sad to think that I would do that. 

I can assure you…I did not and certainly would not!

It’s very easy to cast negative dispersions on a person for whatever reason someone chooses. This should be the end of the matter because all of this is very clear. If it turns out not to be the end of the matter, then you should perhaps question the motives behind it.

All I can ask is that you do your own proper assessment and then formulate your own opinion.

For those of you who know me, you know the answer already.

Let us not be divisive and get on with the bigger task at hand of making a positive difference to government in this country.

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  1. I do believe that some has hacked Sanjeev’s FB page…..as FB PI information has been compromised!!! I have link showing that the IP information is not secure on FB of a lot of users!

    I showed Sanjeev this link but he refused to believe that was the case……

    I personally know quite few friends and workmates and my own people I know has had this issue with FB. That why I hate FB as they spend more time fact checking people and booting people who go against the narrative then securing user private details from trolling users and scammers!!!

    section 230 for big tech who abuses this should have these protections revoked from them and treated as utilities services , refuse service to people and the CEO’s of ie: Facebook and Twitter cop massive fines and for repeat offences a massive jail term!!!

    Please stay strong.


  2. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/stolen-data-of-533-million-facebook-users-leaked-online-2021-4

    @monicasmit  I think Sanjeev FB page was hacked, as I had experience of people hacking my workmate’s FB account 2x, my Friend’s family member FB account twice, my close friend FB account had scammer and she was affected and someone I live with FB account as well!

    If FB spent more time and $$$ protecting people’s private information more then booting people and factchecking people who go against their narrative it would be better social media!

    There in FB it is trolls,hackers  and scammer heaven as the moderators are too busy fact checking people and booting people then safeguarding their customers!

    I showed Sanjeev that news link but he doesn’t want hear it! He seems firmly convinced it’s the former! which is sad, as I followed him on Twitter until they suspended him!

    What more sect 230 should be revoked from FB and Twitter as they abuse it and they should be treated as utilities services for the people, denying people service  and the CEO responsible will cop hug fines and a long jail terms for abusing it!

    please keep safe…..