Email campaign…LET IT ALL OUT!!!

Remember the post I made earlier this week about how our email campaigns have helped push back against the Vaccine Passports…SEE HERE

Let’s hit them again! Not about Vaccine Passports but about EVERYTHING they’re doing to us. The uncertainty, the constant lockdowns, the inconsistencies, the coercion and manipulation…WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

This tool helps you email ALL the Members of Parliament that represent you at once. You are their constituent so your vote determines their job.


Let’s use language that makes them worried. Their jobs depend on YOUR vote, so tell them you’ll never vote for them again unless they start doing the right thing.

There’s no template. email for you, just write from the heart…your real emotions and thoughts. I don’t condone swearing and threatening of a violent nature, but other than that…GO FOR IT! Tell them exactly how you feel.

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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    1. Didnt spend long at all on my email , plenty more emails ill write in my time , but heres my email , just so no1 freaks out about what i could possibly write hehe

  1. How about a concentrated campaign to demand that we have the choice to use Ivermectin as a preventative or for treatment of covid?
    This cheap off patient drug has been used for decades without harmful effect. Overseas studies have shown Ivermectin as being a safe and effective treatment for “covid “. good quality research backs this up.
    This is an argument that can be delivered and argued by anyone.
    The politicians are aware of it as Craig Kelly MP has been pushing it for a long time. What we would in effect be doing is becoming the ground swell of support for the message that Craig Kelly has been pushing. Once the government has to back-flip on this then the complete “Jab” narrative will collapse leaving open the opportunity for a Royal commission into the whole fiasco

    1. Rally the numbers, and we can literally push on them on any item/situation/demand and have it come to be. The possibilities are endless and rewarding once we wake the lions/lioness’s sleeping and dwelling in fear. Great idea tho lauriep

    2. Yes–I agree. We need a Royal Commission into the whole mess. There are major conflicts of interest with pollies,ex pollies and bureaucrats making BIG heaps of money behind the scenes (there’s no pandemic, just a big investment opportunity!). A big problem is that BigPharma runs our medicine regulatory body, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), similar to the FDA in the US. This means that any “novel/new” product eg “vaccine” is approved (conditionally) by what is supposed to be an Australian Government body!! The vaccine manufacturers are subsidising this whole “vaccine” rollout, even the “pandemic” itself.

  2. Done

    Good evening,

    As you would be aware we are back in 5th lockdown again. The ever Gloomy, wicked and destructive government control over reach over our everyday lives with these pointless mask mandate and lockdowns is never ending.

    Families living in this wicked draconian system you and your fellow members have been enabling must end.

    For every innocent life that is affected from these lockdowns & mandates you are accountable.

    For every member that continues to stand quiet whilst compromised pollies continue to pillidge this great state/nations people of thier freedoms and liberties, no you are not innocent, you are accountable.

    What have you done to counter act any of these pointless mesures ! How have you used your position of power for the benifit of the people and not those of your party members or other organisation that would have invested interests continuing this farce.

    I still can’t shake off the assumption you are to scared to stand up for freedom and liberty. The right thing to do for the people who have put you in the position of power is to be the voice of reason and end to this whole system of abuse.

    If you had any sense of community and wanted to justify your position with anything worth while to look back on that would be to support and stand with us and to say

    No vaccine passports,

    No to lockdowns

    No to compulsory/mandatory or coerced experimental injections in any form


  3. (sent to Tehan, Rice, thorpe (throwing up-sick),carr, cicione (sick-throwing up), kitching, walsh, henderson, hume, paterson, ryan, van, mcKenzie.)
    Dear Ministers/ hon. Members of Parliaments/Senators,
    I would ask any/all of you all to enlighten me what has happened to our Australian CONSTITUTION! One indivisible Country of Australia! One Country where it’s citizen can trade/travel between the individual States without hindrance and restrictions. Any restrictions, etc. etc.
    I am certain that any/all of you Law-makers are fully aware what our Constitution says, what it means and the protection it affords and guarantees us, the Australian people, or are you?
    1st. question: Is our Constitution still in force?
    2nd. question: if not, when was it suspended?
    3rd. question: when did the Australian people have a referendum to amend/suspend our Constitution?

    Dear Ministers/ hon. Members of Parliaments/Senators, here is a challenge to any/all of you. Please let me and the rest of Australia know the answers to those easy questions. If you would NOT know the answer, a reply of “I Don’t Know” is also acceptable.

    The continued unconstitutional lock-downs in all States is a matter for our esteemed Prime Minister, that should concern himself to uphold our Constitution as his top priority. He seems to have abrogated his responsibility to unelected public Servants and State Premiers, that also ignore the Australian Constitution. I would therefore ask, that you remind our Prime Minister of his responsibilities and govern Australia within the realms and borders of our Constitution.

    I am eagerly awaiting your answers to enlighten me and my fellow Australians to the present state of the political wilderness, which I hope will soon end due to positive actions taken by your goodselves for the benefit of all Australians, Australians that elected you to govern wisely and uphold the Constitution of Australia.
    I remain yours faithfully,

  4. done.
    Hi Tony,

    I am a frustrated voter living in Melbourne. Everyday I see more and more nonsense being spouted by the current state and federal government leaders in relation to Covid 19. The worldwide facts published by government agencies around the world do not support the rubbish that being spouted by Australian health ministers, party leaders and police ministers. Yes, we have a new delta strain of the virus but the evidence suggests that it is much milder than the original strain even though is faster at spreading. It is in fact more like bad cold than a killer virus. No more people are dying or ending up in ICU, than would otherwise be expected from the our winter flu. Yet, the never-ending cycle of lockdowns and restrictions continue.

    Why are the “experts” reluctant to give sources for their reasoning for the constant stream of lockdowns?

    Why are the PCR tests result regarded as Covid “cases” rather than “positive PCR test results”, given that they are not the same thing? It take more comprehensive testing to actually test for a positive Covid “case”.

    Why are vaccines which have not had sufficient testing being “forced” on the public by coercion and threats of job-loss, or restriction of services, etc.?

    Why are vaccines which have not been tested on children, pregnant females and elderly people even considered fit for human trial. This is surely a criminal act.

    Why did the TGA give approval to the vaccines when there are alternative treatments available? Again, this is surely a criminal act.

    Everyday, I see more and more doctors and medical experts silenced when they challenge the current government narrative. This is very unhealthy. Medical progress to-date has only been done when hypothesis are allowed to be challenged.

    Why are the police forces in all states starting to exercise excessive force against anybody who speaks out against the government narrative? This is tyranny and not what Australia stands for.

    As elected representatives of Casey, I expect you to ask the same questions as I have put in this email and look deeply into your own conscience. It is time to step up and show me why I voted for you!

    I expect you to expose the corruption in our governments now, or consider welfare benefits after the next election.



    PS: I have copied the other ministers in my electorate in on this email as they are ALL responsible for ending this.

  5. My email to my members of Parliament, and feel free to use whatever you want from it.

    Subject: A very concerned Australian Citizens point of view

    Dear Ministers, Senators, Honourable Members, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    As a voter in your constituency I expected, no, deserved so much better from all of you.

    From the Prime Minister down (I am actually ashamed to call that man by such an honourable title) you have all acted disgracefully, with very few exceptions.

    While you all continue to pocket your full unearned inflated wage, average Australians struggle to put food on the table, and pay their bills.
    Small to medium size businesses go broke and dreams all over this once proud and prosperous country have been shattered.

    Meanwhile, you all continue to allow, and in fact, eagerly promote a destructive atmosphere of FEAR and Propaganda,
    the likes of which have never ever before been seen in the entire history of civilization.

    Without ever presenting on paper publicly so everyone can read for themselves,
    the evidence of why you are all doing what you are doing,
    when some-one courageous stands up and presents the real facts and evidence you all ridicule, censor, and de-platform them.
    I have never in my time seem so many of you so eager to hide the truth, and ruin a persons reputation and life.

    Myself, along with millions of other Australians have had enough.

    We demand that you state publicly, on that record that you declare loudly and proudly

    No To Vaccine Passports,
    No To Lockdowns,
    No to Compulsory, Mandated and/or Coerced Experimental Injections.

    On all occasions speak the truth about treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.
    Stop pushing on us all an experimental, untested and dangerous ‘vaccine’.

    Should you fail to do and say what you know is factually true and correct,

    Should you fail to display the courage that you declare you have, and have yet to display,

    We, the Australian Citizens that voted you into your position, and gave you these temporary powers,
    will never, ever forgive you for the lies and untruths you have told, and the deceptions you have perpetrated.
    You will never receive a single vote from any one of us ever again.

    You will have become, to every proud, honest, hardworking Australian
    Complicit in Egregious Crimes Against Humanity.
    Think about that for a while…… 

    I suggest you all go and have a long hard look in the mirror,
    maybe then you will actually see what you are really doing to your fellow countrymen and women.

    A proud, freedom loving Australian.