IBAC scrutiny on Andrews over firefighters’ union deal

By Nick McKenzieSumeyya Ilanbey and Paul Sakkal

Victoria’s anti-corruption body has been examining the conduct of Premier Daniel Andrews and a senior public servant over their role in controversial deals that benefited the firefighters’ union and its boss, Peter Marshall.

While it has been known since 2019 that the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) has been investigating dealings involving the United Firefighters Union (UFU), the fact that its investigators have been scrutinising the Premier’s conduct has not before been confirmed.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation who are not authorised to comment publicly have confirmed that one aspect of the IBAC investigation involved scrutiny of the Premier’s actions.

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  1. Is there a pyramid of corruption with Daniel Andrews at the Top? Is the entire political, justice and policing system in Victoria under question as to whether it is corrupted? It is important that in a just and fair society, where the rule of law applies, that no one is above the law, including the government.

    The Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) will hold public hearings, starting the 11th October 2021, into allegations of serious corrupt conduct involving Victorian public officers, including Members of Parliament. The hearings are part of Operation Watts, a coordinated investigation between IBAC and the Victorian Ombudsman. Anyone with information relevant to the investigation, see some potential examples below, is encouraged to report it at http://www.ibac.vic.gov.au/report or phone 1300 735 135. If you have complaints about IBAC, the Victorian Ombudsman, Chief Examiner, OVIC, or VAGO contact the Victorian Inspectorate https://www.vicinspectorate.vic.gov.au/integrity-body-investigations-and-inquiries

    Corrupt Political Conduct – Are Daniel Andrews ministers involved in corrupt conduct by directing taxpayer-funded ministerial and electorate office staff to perform party‐political work during times when those staff were being paid to perform ministerial or electorate work? (For example Daniel Andrews in his first term used staffers in electoral matters – the so-called Red Shirts Affair – an oversight helpfully found by Victoria Police not to have been in breach of any criminal sanctions, despite the referral of the matter to IBAC).

    Corrupt Political Grants – Are Daniel Andrews ministers involved with government grants intended to fund community associations but are instead misused for party‐political work or other improper purposes?

    Corrupt Political Process – Are Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Party ministers involved in branch stacking? (see for example Adem Somyurek and Robin Scott)

    Corrupt Political Use of Taxpayer Funds – Has Daniel Andrews office used taxpayers’ money to track perceptions of Daniel Andrews? (for example research firm QDOS to conduct extensive community surveys to assess the political impact of lockdowns, with Victorians asked to score the government’s performance, including its leadership, out of 10).

    Corrupt Developments and Planning Matters – Are Daniel Andrews supported Victorian Labor party MPs in Parliament receiving donations from property developers to support property developments. (See for example developer John Woodman)

    Corrupt Workplace Deals – Is Daniel Andrews involved corrupt workplace agreements? (see for example the United Firefighters Union (UFU), Country Fire Authority (CFA) and emergency services minister dispute over a new workplace agreement. The Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett quit cabinet during the negotiations and many senior people in the CFA were also forced out over their resistance to the workplace agreement for firefighters.)

    Corrupt Law Enforcement – Has Daniel Andrews house-trained Victoria Police into doing his bidding and in return receives protection? (For example The exchange of senior advisory staff between Andrews’ office and that of the Commissioner of Police and the non- investigation, let alone the non-prosecution, of Bill Shorten for an old alleged crime)

    Corrupt Militarisation of Police – Has Victoria raised a military force in contravention of the Australian Constitution sect 114? (For example a private mercenary company, Constellis, is being used as a paid militia to enforce government policy)

    Corrupt Administrative Process – Could Daniel Andrews and three ministers, the Chief Health Officer and 15 other heads of departments/agencies be charged for OHS Act violations? (For example WorkSafe have found 58 breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act over the Victorian government’s hotel quarantine program in 2020. Would failure to prosecute, set a precedent that may allow people who have committed OHS breaches in the future to deny liability on the grounds that the Victorian government was not prosecuted in similar circumstances?)

    Corrupt Purchasing Process – Have Chinese Communist Party aligned companies have been given government contracts for large infrastructure projects including draconian facial recognition surveillance systems as installed in the Melbourne? (For example staffers in Daniel Andrews’s office are linked to China’s United Front organisation, which co-ordinates Beijing’s overseas influence operations, including Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative).