I’d like to explain this post to you…

it’s come to my attention that a few people were upset with this post I made today. I will address it because the people who confronted me about it are genuine supporters who I care about.

I just want to clarify a few things egarding this post…

I am NOT advocating the novavax jab!

I was only suggesting that if you have a loved one who is adamant about getting a jab, ask them to wait. If you try to convince them everything they believe is wrong, it may take too long and be too late. This was just an idea to buy time because the truth about everything will come out sooner rather than later. If we can simply buy time using THEIR language, we may save lives.

The language in this post was not directed at people like you and I who already know the truth, it is directed at people ready to roll their sleeves up.

I hope this gives clarity 🙂

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