“If Albo Was My President…”

The following article from Spectator Australia

Can you imagine what life would be like if Anthony Albanese was President of the United States of Australia? Ruminate on that a little while… 

It’s been less than a month since the passing of Her Late Majesty, Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth. And yet our great Sovereign lady of more than seventy years fell under fire from radicalised republicans and pseudo-moral ideologues the moment news of her demise became public knowledge. 

Topping my list of vitriolic, revolting one-liners attacking the Queen during her official mourning period was ‘banality of evil’ from The University of Queensland’s student newspaper, Sempre Floreat, which was founded in 1932 and funded by compulsory student union fees. 

The university administration refused to denounce the behaviour of its students, instead defending their collective right to free speech. So, I exercised my free speech by calling on monarchists who donate to The University of Queensland to temporarily suspend their philanthropy. 

Through the ideological and commercial abuses Australia’s tertiary institutions commit each and every day against students, teaching staff, the public, and the nation – they are far more deserving of the epitaph banality of evil than Queen Elizabeth II. Long ago did they abandon the advance of knowledge for the indoctrination of radical ideology and the accumulation of wealth – but I digress. 

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) at least demonstrated more class. ‘We’re pausing all campaigning during the mourning period,’ it announced on September 13. 

Then again, I wonder why that suspension came five days after the fact and not immediately, particularly as the ARM managed to publish its press release less than an hour after Her Late Majesty’s passing. I wonder why, on September 9, National Director and Chief Executive Officer Sandy Biar took part in an extensive interview with the SBS, advocating for a republic.

Let me suggest that for all their supposed sympathies and sensitivities, the ARM immediately tried to take control of Her Majesty’s death in an effort to advance its own nefarious purposes. But, in its arrogance, the organisation failed to accurately predict just how loved our late Queen was. Realising this only after Operation London Bridge had commenced, it decided to save what face remained and hit the emergency stop button. 

When that button was pressed, I equally wonder if Peter FitzSimons, 1st Baron of the Lower North Shore, knew his time was up. Certainly, the Australian Monarchist League is sad to see him go, as is, dare I say, Johannes Leak. Our swashbuckling buccaneer leaves behind a stubborn legacy with boots and bandana not easily replaced. Perhaps now, retiring unto the boathouse, he will turn his muse towards a new tract on the Rum Rebellion, or a biography of Sir Joseph Banks. After all, British colonial history has earned him thousands in royalties already; why stop now, even if he has stepped down as the man determined to rob the rest of us of the Crown’s benefits?

His hypocrisy aside, it seems to me that FitzSimons was growing too much a liability. ‘During her reign, Australia has grown into a mature and independent nation,’ he remarked of Her Late Majesty. Couple that with his growing controversy, and perhaps that’s why announcement of his departure didn’t even yield an official ARM press release.

With the mourning period now over, though with many Australians still privately reflecting on the life of one of the world’s most indomitable (female) leaders, republicans have returned to hurling falsehoods and attempting character assassinations against our new King of Australia, His Majesty Charles III. These are antics that don’t bear mention, other than that the constant accusation of racism against hardworking Australian monarchists has become perverted and malicious. 

Rather, it’s much more interesting to analyse the actions of the Albanese government. Take, for instance, Assistant Minister for ‘the’ Republic (what republic?) Matt Thistlethwaite’s comments concerning the ARM’s prospective new leadership. A long-time member of the ARM, Thistlethwaite wants ‘someone that connects with younger voters and multicultural Australians’ to head up the organisation. 

The public is left to wonder if the Assistant Minister and the government played any part in Peter FitzSimons’ resignation. No one knows, but what is clear is that Thistlethwaite’s appointment serves as further evidence that a passionate grassroots movement has been superseded by a Canberran bureaucracy. 


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  1. Rowan Dean lives in Paddington with all the other JESUS-DENYING ELITES OF SYDNEY! I have even seen him HORRIBLY INTOXICATED on the street outside The London Arms on a Friday afternoon. DO NOT TRUST THE SPECTATOR, it’s the mouthpiece of SATAN!

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