If you question the narrative

If you question the narrative…you’re a conspiracy theorist. 

If you say you think thing’s don’t add up…you’re a conspiracy theorist.

If you share something against the narrative on social media…you’re censored and banned. 

If you bring up statistics to prove your theory…you’re listening to the wrong science. 

If you don’t wear a mask…you’re alienated and selfish.

If you don’t follow the CHO directions…you’re selfish and killing Grandma.

If you want to travel again…you’re selfish.

If you question the COVID vaccines…you’re anti-vax.

If you don’t take the vaccines…you’re alienated and selfish

If you want to open your business to feed your family…you’re selfish and unreasonable.

If you complain about lockdowns…you’re an entitled brat and told at least you don’t live in Afghanistan.

If you’re pro-freedom….you’re far right.

If you protest for human rights…you’re scum and it’s your fault we’re in lockdown.

If you have a big platform advocating for freedom, you’re censored and called a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer.

If you manage to find a way around the censorship…YOU GET ARRESTED!

But guess what…

If we keep fighting….we’ll win!

If we trust that good always prevails…it will!

If we find our inner strength…we’ll be unstoppable!

If we don’t let anyone break us…they won’t!

If we stick together…we’re stronger!

If we visualise victory…we’ll have it!

This has been planned for decades. Their objective is to break our minds and souls into submission, we will not let them. 

The enemy is clever, no doubt, but they aren’t gods. 

We have God on our side and God always wins in the end!

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  1. What great words of wisdom, Monica, and strength
    and resolve has helped many people stay strong.
    Today we received an invitation to a family Christmas
    Dinner, but only if we are double vaxed!!!
    I was so disgusted that I didn’t reply.

    1. Hear you, Mary – PRAY for those poor deluded souls…. By God’s Grace & Mercy – we would have been one of them…
      Further, I won’t be having any of my immediate family here at Christmas at this stage as they are in fear of me not having the jab and so I have had the Honour & Pleasure of inviting whomever I wish – What a Blessing! Open House to All – if you have no where else to go – consider coming down to Geelong. Love & Blessings in Jesus Mighty Name, Melinda

      1. Thank you Melinda, your reply was very uplifting.
        I am 82 years old, many of the “rules” don’t affect me
        but I see so many other people around me hurting,
        losing their jobs, livelihoods etc. That affects me very
        badly. What a great idea about Christmas, might copy that!!
        Most of my siblings and their children have been vaxxed
        but I am staying put, despite my age, thanks to people like
        you and Monica and Morgan.

        1. MARY, I’m 56 & am so blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful, loving family. And a history of unpretentious, get-togethers with family every year not just @ Christmas-time was the highlight of my Grandmother’s Blessed 91 years. Now, I have so many opportunities to witness to the unsaved & other Christians outside my immediate family (unsaved hubby of 30yrs, 22yr old daughter in Dubai, son 20 living at home) through hospitality, extra cash for a job well done or providing a roof over their darling heads for reduced rates. I run a BnB out of our own home & have had over 6,000 guests in 7 Biblical years.
          Mary, so many people would love a beautiful, ‘family’ Christmas in someone else’s home – I find encouraging them to bring something to the table (however small) removes any awkwardness…..Well done on keeping your heart, body, soul and mind pure and undefiled by the pre-cursor to the mark – How the Angels are Singing for such a Faithful-Faith-filled Witness of 82yrs.
          Love & Blessings always, in Jesus Mighty Name, Melinda

  2. Summed up perfectly, as always. We will win our freedom and keep our self respect. Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, it all has to come crashing down. When all this coercion and threatening by Andrews and his cohorts proves to have been for nothing. except to destroy Vic and Australia, and tear people apart. I will remember every single politician, ‘expert’ authority, and MSM talking head…..and hope karma gets you all.

    1. Too right, Patricia – Wicked people never prosper and Our Father in Heaven laughs at their nefarious plans – May God have Mercy on all those involved in such horrific crimes against humanity because very few others will have…

  3. This is inspirational stuff, you have sacrificed 22 days of your precious life in a high security prison for your principles, against the most draconian measures in the western world, implemented by fascist thugs, to subdue peaceful protesters for exercising their democratic rights. Using fear, massive control using world record lockdowns, excessive violence against elderly women etc, substantial fines of $1000 (Not wearing a mask) and $10,000 for travelling outside your area. For people like Monica, 22 days in jail for articulating her democratic rights. Hopefully the fascist leaders can be brought to justice to answer for their crimes

  4. You are an inspiration to all your fellow supporters. You have sacrificed 22 days of your precious life In a high security prison and stood up for all your principles, despite all the fear and oppression subjected upon you. The only “crime” that you have participated in was “to exercise your democratic rights to have peaceful protests against the most draconian lockdowns in the western world. Also the over-the-top violence used by the thuggish police (armed to the teeth) against the peaceful protesters, luckily the whole world has witnessed all this Orwellian reaction by the government leaders and their cohorts. Hopefully when the tide turns, the instigators of this oppression can be brought to justice

    1. Hear Hear, Terry. Wicked people never prosper and Our Father in Heaven laughs at their nefarious plans – May God have Mercy on all those involved in such horrific crimes against humanity because very few others will have…

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