NSW police tricked? Taxpayers money wasted (again)…

Looks like the entire NSW police force was called into work today…what for? A protest apparently.

Count how many cars you see in this video…it’s a lot.

NSW has responded very heavy-handedly to last Saturday’s protest. They’re clearly scared of the freedom fighting movement…it’s getting too big for them to control.

40,000 protesters went out last Saturday during a lockdown! Australians have had enough. As long as voting isn’t rigged…the current politicians will never be voted back in again.

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  1. Totalitarian state in bed with big tech to stop people communicating and gathering. UBER stopped allowing people to book rides into city centre.

    Police diverting traffic and checking your papers are in order before allowing freedom of movement.

    Once this crisis passes we must build a different structure that is less top heavy. There is no way millions of people should be locked and criminalized for a virus that if you have direct contact has a 99.9x% survival rate.

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