International Support for Australian’s Under Human Rights Assualt

Australian’s are receiving international support for the current destruction of human rights and democracy taking place by its own government. Politicians are turning this once great nation into a Police state and turning the police against the very people whom they take an oath to protect.

From outside the London Australian Embassy
From outside the London Australian Embassy
From outside the London Australian Embassy
Polish MP’s Protest at Australian Embassy over Human Rights Issues
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  1. How incredible it is to see Australia being described as what these Polish MPs don’t want Poland to become. Their concern for us is clear, and it’s heartwarming, but it’s also horrible that it has come to this. That other countries are defending us, but our leaders (most not elected or qualified) and Vicpol (supposed to defend us!!!) just keep holding that sword of get vaccinated or be locked up, denied all your rights, unable to work, excessively fined for the least (supposedly) step wrong. Can I move to Poland?! Nup, I’m here until we win. Bahah, gotta have a giggle at Scomo and the premiers expecting overseas tourism back here. With Australia’s reputation at the moment no-one in their right mind would come here!

  2. So good to see other countries shining a light on the corrupt criminals we call our government. They can make our media hide the truth but it’s still out there for the world to see.The polish MPs care about our human rights than our own government !

  3. M.P’s and police are supposedly there to serve the people. When
    has this happened recently?? Andrews is not going to give up any
    time soon, not until he gets the numbers that suit him. Mandatory
    vaccinations are against everything that we believe in. Please keep
    saying “No”.

  4. It is wonderful that the rest of the world are watching and
    supporting us, but sadly it doesn’t help us living the tyranny,
    having our rights taken away, not allowed to protest.
    I would like to thank all those people who still have the resolve
    to protest, whether it is for our freedom or mandatory
    vaccines. Stay strong.

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