A Revolutionary Interview Dr William Bay.

Interview with Dr William Bay filmed at Tamborine Mountain, Queensland part of Café Locked Out’s The Deplorables Epic Road Trip.

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  1. Truely inspiring.I know some doctors personally, and have seen so many others on shows like “The Highwire” and Maria Zee’s interviews , who have left the system and all say much the same thing…. That it’s such a freeing feeling to leave the system and finally be able to heal patients.

    It’s so sadly ironic that all doctors go through all the years of study so that they can heal people, and it’s their own organization stopping them.

    I don’t know who gives APHRA their power. I presume they just gave it to themselves. I heard that Scott Morrison’s brother was the head , which might explain a lot.

    Dr William said it best…. “Screw you APHRA and F*** you phfizer.”

    Let’s hope that this courageous doctor’s stance is the proverbial crack in the dam wall and all is about to come bursting out.