It’s time to ask yourself these tough questions…

Once a person knows their limits, they are set free, they are at peace and no one can control them!

Decide today so you are strong and ready for whatever comes your way.

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  1. I have no line. I have no breaking point. This battle ends only with the end of Andrews and his government. I’d happily die for my family and grandkids, but not until fate has taken Andrews out first!

  2. Monica is 100% correct. Once you dig deep into your spirit and ask yourself the question of where you draw the line and you arrive at that place with your other worldly answer, a strange sense of peace descends on you. A resolve of everything to gain and nothing to lose anymore. The fear vanishes and the resolve intensifies. Some points to be considered. Daniel Andrews told us a draft of the pandemic emergency legislation was properly perused by the Vic Bar Association. They denied this. He lied. He has spun a web of lies too many to count whether it be the issues of quarantine, the efficacy of vaccines and lockdowns, the original lie of ” short sharp lockdown” and here we are two years later, then there’s the August parliamentary inquiry where he lied again. Too many to count. I just hope that Fiona Patten and Ellen Sandell realize they are consorting with a known liar by supporting this draconian faux pas legislation. We have been deserted by most of our politicians. The good ones have stood out and up. They will be venerated. The rest of the dross will be consigned to the memory hole of ubiquity and mediocrity by serving party politics instead of the people they were elected to serve. We have been deserted by the MSM constantly for nearly two years with their filtered view and outright lies. Never let an element of the truth get in the way of Big Pharma Advertorial Pay Days. We have also been deserted by the Judiciary who love the letter of the law but refuse to judge within the spirit of the law which sets free. The letter of the law has bound us tight and the good Judges are hiding within it. From here forward, and I am speaking for myself, any action I take can only be interpreted as self defense. They have lied, they have coerced, they have deceived and now they have backed us into a corner. We have every right from here forward to defend ourselves. Tomorrow we will lay it on the line. May the Most High God judge between us and them.

  3. Hi Mr Premier, congratulations on achieving premier, hope you keep you word and make all citizens in our State equal under God as He gave it to us. Here’s your chance to obey Him and cease from the advice of ungodly men
    Best wishes to you in your onerous task as leader.