Coercion at it’s finest

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Imagine a product so amazing your government needs to amend the normally strict rules around communicating about the product (otherwise known as advertising). We are about to see some crazy incentives used like they are doing in the US.
Ordinarily, health professionals are not allowed to endorse medicine or other therapeutic good. However, in the context of the pandemic, and under the legal instrument referenced below, this prohibition does not apply to registered COVID-19 vaccines. ~ TGA
Offering rewards
Any party can offer valuable consideration (cash or other rewards) to people who have been fully vaccinated under the Government’s national COVID-19 vaccination program, subject to the following conditions:
• the offer can only be made to people who have been fully vaccinated, which for the current approved COVID-19 vaccines, means two vaccinations. The TGA does not prescribe the means by which full vaccination is to be verified
• the offer must contain a statement to the effect that the vaccination must be undertaken on the advice of a health practitioner
• rewards must not include alcohol, tobacco or medicines (other than listed medicines)
• the offer must only refer to COVID-19 vaccines generically (i.e. not by trade name or another reference to a particular vaccine, such as ‘the mRNA vaccine’)
• the offer must be made to all eligible people who have been vaccinated i.e. the offer cannot be made to only those people vaccinated from the date of the offer, it must also apply retrospectively (i.e. to those who have commenced or completed their vaccination schedule prior to an offer being announced).
The offer can be made to a certain group, for example, the employees of the business, or the members of the organisation, or to all members of the public.~ TGA
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