Anti-lockdown Activist in Australia Faces Long-Term Jail, Here’s How you can Help Fight Back

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Australian journalist and freedom activist Monica Smit, who you might have remembered for her courage in protesting draconian COVID-19 measures and was jailed for three weeks because of her activism, joins The John-Henry Westen Show today with a new update.

Monica speaks to me about a recent warrant placed on her which violates her rights to privacy and that failure to comply with this unjust warrant will surely mean that she would be forced to go to prison.

In March of this year, Australian police in Melbourne issued a warrant to search the accounts of applications and social media platforms on her phones that they got a hold of when she was arrested last year. However, it wasn’t limited to this.

Monica tells me what’s even worse is that the police also want access to private data of the staff and followers of her organization “Reignite Democracy Australia.” She states that if she would permit the police to access this information it “would give the police somewhat of a list of political opposition in Australia.”

The freedom advocate appealed this warrant but it wasn’t granted, so she now has less than a month to comply or face prison time. Nevertheless, she is determined to fight this unjust action all the way.

We’ve set up a LifeFunder for Monica Smit and her courageous crusade for freedom. Please consider supporting her today by clicking here.

Monica first spoke to the show in September 2021 and shared her experience of spending three weeks in prison, including how it was an opportunity for her to grow in a deeper spiritual relationship with God.

The activist now tells me that that relationship is even stronger and she’s unafraid for the fight ahead.

“God has put me in this position where I have, for whatever reason, the gift of fortitude to withstand this mental anguish, the mental trauma of being attacked by the government and the police,” she says.

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  1. Who are you calling evil bitch, the premier of Queensland, the former premier of NSW, Dan Andrews, Jacinda Ardern perhaps???? They weren’t in this story but should all be locked up

    1. There seems to be a worldwide over supply worthy of that title at the moment.

      What did you think about “dr” Kerry Chant winning an award for her services during the pandemic?

      (The DR William Bay interview should be compulsory viewing for anyone wanting to know the real meaning of being a doctor )

      Gladys B. deserves honorable mention for her behind the scenes work in bringing in “full term abortion” and the sale of the body parts of the “medical waste”

      1. I agree. Obviously being paid to reduce this informative section of genuine people into a viscious slanging match.

        So glad people aren’t taking the bait. He should refund the money and apologise for his incompetence.

  2. Aren’t the Governments’ Police Forces who brutalized innocent populations already suffering so much and protesting against vile Tyranny and the people’s rights not to be injected with anything or medically treated for anything against their will going to feel overwhelmed with guilt when they finally wake up to what they have been doing to their own people and I would have expected every single police officer and all others to do independent unbiased research and not just believe the governments Narrative.
    The fact that governments globally hijacked the entire internet to spew the only narrative allowed should have been the only RED FLAG they needed.
    I hope that now All police officers realise their dangerous and lethal errors of judgement and stand up with the people for the people and not on the side of corrupted and treasonous governments.

    BRISBANE Vaccine Carnage in the Emergency Room, an ER Nurse Speaks out

    When private citizens have to do the job of the media confirms that the mainstream media empires are totally corrupted with extensive conflicts of interest.

    Widespread censorship and banning of the truth by Tyrant Politicians and their globalist accomplices et al should be a criminal offence, absolutely terrifying to know that this is what our corrupted polluted world has become.

    Widespread censorship and banning of the truth by Tyrant Politicians and their globalist accomplices et al should be a criminal offence, absolutely terrifying to know that this is what our corrupted polluted world has become.

    I posted this article “How the Covid Vaccines damage the body” on Farcebook and promptly got banned for yet another month. I have been on severe restricted postings since November 2021.
    Mr Farcebook is also a member of the notorious Democracy Destroying World Economic Forum who insanely are lusting for total global control working with Tyrannical and Treasonous Politicians and the World Health Organisation, UN and other Globalists who are in ecstasy with their unbridled power, money and control and taking control over global populations.

    How The Covid Vaccines damage the body

    3 December 2019 – Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has defended the company’s decision to not take down political advertising that contains false information – and compared the alternative to censorship.
    Challenged on CBS over the policy, which has raised concerns over misinformation campaigns that could distort elections, Zuckerberg refused to commit to any changes.
    ###########!!!!!! “What I believe is that in a democracy, it’s really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying, so they can make their own judgments,” he said.
    “And, you know, I don’t think that a private company should be censoring politicians or news.” ##########!!!!!!

    From October 18, 2019 – Mark Zuckerberg just slammed China for allegedly censoring Hong Kong protest videos on TikTok: ‘Is that the internet we want?’

    ADC The Australian Arm of the World Economic Forum – How to murder Democracy should be the Mantra of these Mobsters.

    NB CORRUPTION/CONFLICTS OF INTEREST – More stench than a Parliamentary Sewer Pit
    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corruption/Conflicts of Interest items all through this Information Paper.
    Note >> From Page 40 Why You are not getting truth from Mainstream Media Empires
    Page 51 Censorship of Academic Research – A Critical Analysis of Australian Government’s rationale for its
    Vaccination Policy – Dr. Judy Wilyman – University of Wollongong – A Disgusting, Relentless and Abusive
    Campaign against Dr. Judy Wilyman to stop her.
    Page 52 International Medical Council on Vaccination
    Page 29 Information – The Truth on the Flu Vaccines/vaccinations – Absolutely ATROCIOUS DAMAGE/SIDE EFFECTS
    Also, please in particular, see the information on Victorian Government > Revolving Doors > Big Ties >Big Pharma > Big Medicine et al but as stated, the entire system is corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corruption/Conflicts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

    More on corruption here >
    Aussie Black Hats exposed being tied up with Big Pharma and just about every corrupt done deal

    1. I have a lot of trouble understanding the police attitude too. Don’t they understand that they are only police for 8hr a day and their own families are not police, but ordinary people who will soon own nothing and be happy if WEF get their way.

      I suppose it is the same with many organizations….. utterly corrupt at the top levels but the lower levels joining for the right reasons then doing the old Nurenberg 1 “just following orders.” There are many good people who understand fully and decided to stay to see if they could have some sort of control behind the scenes.

  3. Gordon, showing off the vile of the left.

    Not surprising though. The left, self professing guardians of all truth and morality always sprouting their virtues. Always demanding women’s rights. Always against domestic violence.

    The left can’t help it. They open their gutter mouths spewing forth their real truth – hatred – or in the case of Gordon open up their keyboard, denigrating and abusing women.

    Weak and pathetic Gordon.

    Nowhere do you point out any lies – yet you call her an evil liar and worse – you do not back your derogatory attacks with any proof.

    But typical of the left – you get offended super easy when someones point of view is against your baseless thinking.

    Once offended you can’t help yourself and let loose with vile, labelling people racists, homophobes, anti vaxxers, and all the other name calling you hurl.

    It is you Gordon that is a lair.

    In some way I pity your weakness and feel sorry that so much hate flows through your blood. Hate clearly against women, highly likely against Australia, and certainly yourself.

    1. I would be really interested to see Gordon’s comments on the Dr William Bay interview. That would be a good litmus test to see if he does have a soul.

      As far as Monica being “after our life’s savings “, I know I would be offended if she DIDN’T ask if she needs more money for another court case. The usual trick is to take a person back to court again and again till they are broke. In Monica’s position she has just off 100,000 email subscribers so a $200,000 courtcase is $2 each ( a lettuce costs 6 times that).

      One really nice genuine commenter said he was praying that she won tattslotto or Clive helped but $2 from a battler broken by mandates and small buisness closures is worth so much more than Clive pulling a large amount out of his petty cash.

      I definitly don’t like the way Gordon talks about Monica ,or him calling someone who had served 30 years in the armed services a coward, “just scared of needles”

      In a way I wish Gordon was right about me being a” filthy liar “(about doctor harrasment) and a really good friend hadn’t actually had to go through what no humanbeing ever should for the crime of totally devoting his life to helping people and curing,by natural means, literally thousands of people with immune problems ,neurological problems and very advanced cancers, that conventional medicine was powerless to help.

      I wish everything was just in our imagination and no one was injured or killed by the vaccine and the WEF were working hard for the betterment of mankind.

      Because the majority of people who contribute to sites like this are aware and awake ,it’s easy to start thinking that everyone is slowly awakening.

      I just think of Gordon as a mildly annoying wake up that we still have a lot of work to do.