NSW Supreme Court Judgment – Kassam; Henry v Hazzard (4:00pm)

This case is important to every state, please tune in at 4pm to watch LIVE. 

Remember this cannot be viewed afterwards and do not re-record and distribute. 

No matter what the outcome is, we keep looking forward. 

Watch it live below!

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  1. Very disappointing result with the Suprme Court ruling today. Again we see that the Australian people cannot depend on our leaders for our democratic rights that we all took for granted. We cant look to our justice system, or our elected leaders but we can to the only true Judge, King and Lord who stands up for justice for all people! God!

  2. Tasmania has now joined the madness and paranoia. Our son had put a lot of time and money into a music and art festival, now cancelled and huge area of the south in lockdown, lives disrupted, because of one victorian running around with the flu, so I hear. We are not accustomed to lockdowns but I knew we wouldnt escape for long.

  3. Is this right? According to the ruling we have no business making decisions regarding our bodies but the government has full authority?????? Poor fella my country, we have no democracy here.