Kerry Chant under fire for NSW Court case comments

Rocco Loiacono

REVEALED: vaccine mandate court case hears bizarre government modelling claims

In proceedings in the New South Wales Supreme Court last week challenging vaccine mandates, New South Wales Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant admitted no modelling had been done to assess the impact of a small number of health workers not being vaccinated. 

NSW paramedic and deputy mayor of the Snowy Valleys Council, John Larter, brought a challenge against the mandatory vaccination orders for health workers, which was heard on 4 and 5 November. Broadly, Larter argued that the orders were unreasonable and disproportionate. 

Counsel for Mr Larter, Shane Prince SC, advised the Court that: “The nature of a public health power is to provide extraordinary powers in extraordinary circumstances and only for those extraordinary circumstances. 

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  1. And the cracks began to show, with one comes more that’s all I can say…
    so much love for this movement its given me both hope and inspiration. x

  2. Thanks for this organisation Monica. So much is being revealed now which gives me a sense of relief as we trawl through the lies and deceptions. I hope that people don’t have to lose their jobs because of this mayhem.

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