Monica interviews a pathology lab technician who has A LOT to tell us

This brave lady talks about the types of samples she’s been getting over the last few months.

The content is disturbing but must be told.

Why is the mainstream media not reporting on this? Why do women like this have to hide their identity to tell us the truth?

It’s a huge worry but let’s continue to spread the truth and it will eventually be heard.

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  1. she says “privacy between doctor and Patient ?
    There is no more Privacy after dr . Hobart Reid from Health Dep in Melbourne when those people start to talk

  2. can she please go to UAP and log with a senator .. in usa there was Federal court date where doctors, vaccine injuries were able to speak their truth. this is what is needed. to start to push for a day in parliament house where all professionals and vaccine injuries tell what they are facing and have experienced because the numbers online are soon going to be rigged – dr bossche noted that the vaccinated will be the spreaders as they will develop variants that will spread , i sent the videos to scomo, mcgowan, andrew’s, AG i really want a phone call with RDA to be a part of the discussion and support.

  3. Excellent illustration of why vaccines previously always had to go through a 3-10 year approval process. Despite all sorts of absurd claims no one really knows what the long term consequences of the vaccines might be. The scary thing is that at the moment the “authorities” don’t seem very interested in trying to find out.

    1. Health matters are of no concern. It is the vaccine passports they really want established. They’ll add your banking details to it and presto, withdrawals halted. Compliance needed or else.

      1. Exactly! The vaccines were the stepping stone to the passports. NO ONE should have EVER signed up for those QR codes! Vaccines are a struggle but it would be easy to have a campaign to stop QR’ing – that’s only a small step from having the dog ID capsule injected into our hands. Say no to QR’ing!

    2. All current human Guinea pigs who got the vax will be the ones who show the world the long-term effects of this jab.
      Remember asbestos? They said it was a great and safe building product back in the day….

  4. Hi, I am running for Coffs Harbour MAYOR & Councillor this election and wish to hold a special meeting (as did QLD Yeppoon Council), to put an end to no jab no job mandates. I would LOVE Monica and others to get in touch with me. Donna Pike.