Labor and the Greens Want YOU to Pay for Gender Reassignment Surgery

This image was sent to us by an RDA member who received this in their letterbox. They will probably LOSE more votes than they’ll gain from material like this.

RDA stands absolutely against the use of taxpayers money for this type of surgery. We sympathise with those people who are struggling with gender dysphoria which is on a steady increase partly due to the overt and intrusive material being infiltrated disproportinately into our education system. Why should taxpayers pay for these types of surgeries, especially when our existing surgey waiting lists that will save lives have blown out as a result of the poor COVID management response.

These extreme and abusive agendas driven and supported by Labor, the Greens and many Liberals demonstrates how completely out of touch they are with the Australian community.

On that note, we are also against the safe schools program and the woke agendas seeping into our schools. These sick agendas are counter-productive to helping those children who are genuinely struggling with these issues while further ENCOURAGING and unduely influencing childrens sexual innocence and thought processes.  

 Raising a child in this day and age is already confusing enough at it is without Labor, the Greens and many Liberals shoving these agendas into our childrens’ minds. 

NO – We don’t want gender nuetral bathrooms in our schools

NO – We don’t want biological men in women’s sports 

NO – we don’t want drag queen story times for our kids
and YES – we can define what a woman is. 

We will never pander to these incidious agendas…ever! 

For the sake of our children.  

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    1. And another thing >
      The countless people who have been on Hospital waiting lists for much needed / even urgent surgery for long long periods of time some in excruciating pain ….still on long waiting lists.
      This enrages me and should enrage every Australian.
      Even personally I have had three crippled fingers on my right hand for over a year now and even though compared to many that is very minor; and I am still on a waiting list waiting, waiting, waiting – I reckon I’ll be covered in cobwebs before I get help with this.
      Every person should be deeply concerned about what is happening everywhere in Australia – our political system is totally stuffed and therefore they have stuffed everything and everyone.
      Absolutely disgraceful and so wrong.
      The people of Australia demand that EVERY MANDATE and every other act of tyranny, be abolished now and forever more.

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