These Labor MP’s may be open to staying at home on the day of the Pandemic Bill

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Prior to seeing this item I sent the following to all Labor members of Victoria’s upper house.

    The voices raised in opposition to the Andrews government’s proposed pandemic laws can no longer be ignored.
    Though I live now in Perth, I grew up in Melbourne. I have watched the protests growing steadily larger over there, and on Saturday I saw the familiar streets of the city filled with thousands of Victorians. Vaccinated and unvaccinated, politically left and right, they stood in unity against the bill that would concentrate enormous power in the hands of a few. I doubt that Melbourne has ever seen a mass gathering of that size. And I fear that if the upper house passes the bill, other state governments will be emboldened and attempt similar legislation.
    The President of the Victorian Bar Association, Christopher Blanden QC, was quoted as saying “This is a bill that fundamentally interferes with the rights of citizens in some very basic ways.” The Law Institute of Victoria has criticised the bill for its lack of parliamentary oversight.
    I would ask you to consider the example of federal Senators Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic. Both have recently stated that they will not support the Morrison Government with their vote in Parliament until a range of covid policies are changed.
    These Senators have said enough to the injustices and inequities created by ill-considered government policies. I urge you to follow their example and vote against the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021.

    Yours Faithfully…

    1. We must remain true to the values and ideals that have made Australia a great democracy. A country seen by many overseas as the place they would like to work and bring up their children. Andrews, like McGowan and Palaszczuk are fundamentally changing our nation. (Look what is happening in New Zealand under Comrade Ardern.) This is wrong and immoral. No one voted for a change in our democracy to become a police/socialist state. Nor to create two classes of citizens – those who display a medical passport and those who don’t. If Andrews and others don’t like democratically free Australia they can find solace moving to North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba or other countries that suit better. Bye, Dan.
      Mick Hurley,
      Alice Springs.