Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers: NSW Should Learn From the UK

On 23rd December NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard issued a public health order which extended vaccine mandates for healthcare workers in the private sector. (NSW Government, 2021)

Before then the requirement was for hospital health care workers and staff to be fully vaccinated but the new public health order extends mandated vaccination to medical practitioners, dentists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physiotherapists and other allied health care workers. It also includes unregistered practitioners including naturopaths and massage therapists.

The requirement of the order is that practitioners have a first vaccine by the 31 January 2022 and a second by the 28 February 2022 (NSW Government, 2021)

As it takes up to a further two weeks to be classed as immunised, it will be as late as mid-March before these workers will fulfil the requirements of this order.

Ironically, also by mid-March, herd immunity should have occurred with Omicron and the pandemic could well have ended. Indeed, there the probability that the NSW Government will end its two-year COVID emergency response in March.

The vaccines are based on the original version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which no longer exists. This means vaccines become less effective with each new variant. A preprint Canadian study suggests that currently two vaccine doses may be less effective at preventing infection with Omicron than being unvaccinated (Buchan, S.A. et al, 2022)!

There is even evidence that suggests the vaccines create increased susceptibility to transmission for about one week after each injection (HART, 2022).

Furthermore, there are potential dangers from endless boosters, which also become less effective with each dose, as Australian immunologist, Professor Robert Clancy explains here (Dr John Campbell, 2022).

Meanwhile in the UK, which is about two weeks ahead of Australia in the Omicron wave, a decision was announced on 31st January that a requirement for mandatory vaccination of all staff in the National Health Service (NHS) by 1st April would be dropped.

Furthermore, workers in UK aged care homes – who are the only workers in the nation required to have COVID vaccinations by law – will no longer need to be vaccinated to do their jobs.

Announcing the news, the UK’s minister for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid said: “Given that Delta has been replaced, it’s only right that our policy on vaccination as a condition of deployment is reviewed. So, I asked for fresh advice including from the UK Health Security Agency and England’s chief medical officer” (Evening Standard, 2022).

“Omicron’s increased infectiousness means that at the peak of the recent winter spike, one in 15 people had a Covid-19 infection, according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics). Around 24% of England’s population has had at least one positive Covid-19 test, and as of today in England, 84% of people over 12 have had a primary course of Covid-19 vaccines and 64% have been boosted, including over 90% of over-50s,” he added.”

“The second factor is that the dominant variant, Omicron, is intrinsically less severe.“

“While vaccination remains our very best line of defence against Covid-19, I believe that it is no longer proportionate to require vaccination as a condition of deployment through statute.”

The UK has seen sense, but sadly not NSW! The motive of Brad Hazzard’s public health order is inappropriate, particularly in view of the much milder nature of Omicron and the inability of the vaccines to prevent transmission. The timing of this order is wrong. The requirements of this order are ineffective, and the vaccine is outdated and potentially detrimental.

Health care workers are deeply aware of the importance of informed consent – a foundation principle of treatment in the medical system. For whatever reasons, these practitioners have made an educated informed decision. They are being censored by government agencies so their reasons for so doing cannot be heard. These health professionals have the same right to informed consent – and thus to refuse vaccination – as any other citizen.  

In the words of Senator Eric Abetz: “We have a shortage of highly qualified defence personnel, workers, doctors and nurses. Yet very soon, some of these committed and dedicated workers will not only lose their gainful employment, but their essential service will be denied to the wider community. Livelihoods, careers and aspirations all being trashed whilst dividing us. Personal freedoms are the cornerstone of what makes Australia great, which is why I can’t stand by and watch long held rights of personal medical choices being thrown away.”


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  1. Without Prejudice: All Australian States & Territories should learn from the scared UK government as under International Criminal Court and Nuremberg Code violations on coercion into medical experiments, most of the “elected culprits” would face life sentence or hopefully a death penalty. Anyone who is imposing “mandates” for the still only provisionally registered pharmaceutical preparations (aka alleged covid vaccines) should be face the same charges as listed above. Furthermore, we can boycott all other products made by global mafia-style-puppeteers as: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to cut their profits as source of bribes/donations for the current lot of elected puppets. Pity we could not boycott “Moderna”, but we can blacklist all associated with Moderna suppliers of goods or services and extend the same blacklisting for the pharma-mafia listed above.

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