Let’s Support the MPs. Don’t make any deals!

Take Action today to show your support and respectfully let these Victorian Upper House Senators know that you want to STOP THE BILL.

As a constituent, you want your voice heard and do not want any negotiations with the Dan Andrews Government. The bill needs to be defeated with a majority of votes to the NO.

No more segregation, no more government overreach.

Matthew Guy, Clifford Hayes and Catherine Cummings has expressed their willingness to consult with the Andrews Government. Let’s express our thoughts…NO NEGOTIATION…KILL THE BILL full stop!

Read the latest comments from Catherine Cummings

Independent MP Catherine Cumming has been mentioned as one of the most likely candidates to strike a deal with the government.

But she says that won’t be happening.

“I do not support mandates,” Dr Cumming told Neil Mitchell.

“I will not support any piece of legislation that’s going to give this government any more power to continue on having this separated society.”

Dr Cumming says she’s requested a one-on-one meeting with Daniel Andrews, who hasn’t met with her since October 2019.

“I’m hoping that he would also meet with every other crossbencher, have one of those one-on-one meetings, because he has not had any of those one-on-one meetings with a lot of us for a long time,” she said.

She says Victorians have “suffered enough” and with vaccination rates at almost 90 per cent, “we do not need a divided community anymore”.

Victorian Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes says while negotiations have been “productive” over the past 24 hours, but a deal is unlikely to be struck today.

The next Parliament sitting week is the final week of November.

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