Letter to ATAGI

Written by Julian Gillespie:

Today I present to you a document several weeks in the making .. indeed with background work, it involves efforts reaching back over 12 months

I am a co-author and signatory to this 52 page Letter, with hundreds of pages of supporting evidence, orchestrated by the Covid Medical Network 

It comes from the combined effort of Australia’s leading clinical doctors, scientists,  research academics, health care professionals, overseas specialists, and lawyers

…it has been ‘fact checked’ by the vigorous peer-review process to present the Truth

It serves as an indictment of Australia’s purported health leaders, those men and women who were and are meant to guide all Australians in living the healthiest life possible 

…a mission they have failed to perform for over two years now

This Letter has also been received by every Federal, State, and Territory MP and Senator, in order to inform them of a variety of scientific Truths being flagrantly ignored by both these health ‘leaders’, and the Ministers responsible for overseeing their conduct.

It is a stunning document we ardently request you share everywhere, so our Australian Community can learn and confirm the facts many have come to know or suspect, while gaining strength in the knowledge hundreds of Australia’s leading doctors, scientists, and academics have had enough and are fed-up 

Call and email your Federal and State/Territory representatives and get them to ask the same Questions, and Demand the same Answersyou will see in the Letter

Armed now with the facts, the history, and the evidence of a litany of wilful instances of malfeasance, it is now time for the Community to say ‘enough is enough

The Letter together with supporting Annexures can be found here:


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  1. WOW! This is an incredibly comprehensive document indeed!
    I kind of “peeled” through it a little and I will make an effort to take in all the bits my limited knowledge of the subject allows me to in time. I am truly grateful for the amazing amount of work and effort all these professional scientists have spent on behalf of us, the Australian people!
    I sincerely hope and pray that this massive undertaking will get the attention and reap the reward it deserves.
    I think by now we all know what evil we are up against but I think this effort will at least tell us where we stand with regards to our longterm future as free human beings in this country and indeed the world.

  2. The people who produced this report have really done their homework !!!! They have put everything together from the best of the best.!!!!

    I am sure it will go way over the heads of most politicians to whom it was sent but I think that the Craig Kellys and others who have spoken up should DEMAND a public response from the Health Ministers ,CHO’s and health authorities.

    I am sure the authors would love to publicly debate any points the authorities disagree with.

    The data quoted from the likes of Life Insurance Companies ,Funeral Directors, Pathologists and Embalmers will be more accurate than “official” government statistics ,

    So many vaccine deaths will have gone unreported and death certificates filled in as cause of death unknown. In laymans terms what the German professors Sacharat Bhakti and Arne Burkhardt were saying is that the immune system has attacked organs that have spike proteins in them . People of lesser knowledge and ability doing autopsies would not have picked this up.( if indeed autopsies were even done )

    Those skilled and experienced in Ivermectin / hydroxychloroquine early treatments such as Vladamir Zelenko say they could have saved as many as 80% of deaths. Many doctors using early intervention protocols
    are claiming it is not going too far to consider many ICU deaths as murders or at least extreme negligence.

    FRED, this is the answer to our prayers in our comments on the Pfizer documents. People should demand that those making the decisions publicy answer this incredible d.ocument.

    1. Yes I agree. This chance MUST not be wasted but milked to the very last droplet.
      Politicicians with guts and a conscience such as Craig Kelly and Malcolm Roberts must, if they are really serious, take every opportunity and leave no stone unturned to expose the participants of this human tragedy playing out in front of our eyes. I hope it is not already too late to take all these inhumane individuals, operating in the shadows on behalf of the NWO, to task for this ongoing genocide! God bless all those who stand up and be counted.

  3. Well done on putting this together, however, these malignant growths know exactly what they are doing. To appeal to their conscience is simply pissing to the wind. They don’t have one. Just as the SS put a gun to childrens heads and pulled the trigger, so will the degenerates continue down their path of genocide untill such time as they are stretched by the neck. Good luck on the judicial review.

  4. Such impressive and comprehensive research. Well done to all professionals who have stood their ground to make this information available. Sadly too much damage already has occurred. But it can still make a difference….we must bug our pollies to death for answers, write open letters to pollies in our local papers, via social media, email etc. If they have balls (and they want to keep their seat) they will stand up and be counted. And at least other readers will be made more aware. But we must act now, only 2 months to the fed. election.

  5. Top marks 10/10 for this amazingly comprehensive and well written letter! Apart from the intended purpose of calling these organisations and their representatives to account, it is also a wonderful repository of information that we can all use and refer to when we need accurate information when discussing the current and continuing erroneous Covid narrative with friends and family. A sincere thank you to all those who contributed to this excellent letter.

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