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The Left’s War on Children

The following article from Spectator Australia The Labor and Green alliance in Australia and the Biden Administration in America are modern political movements with a

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  1. As a small business owner and consultant to SME’s I see the harm inflicted by the Victorian Labor government on our business owners, communities and citizens. Incompetence from the top down. Really pleased to discover this organisation through SKY this evening to give a voice to the voiceless given that we have such a weak Opposition that must stand up for Victorians but are currently found wanting. Thank you.

  2. The Victorian Police Are Nothing But a pack of thugs. The biggest group of organised criminals in the country. Victorians are also Australian citizens and the Australian Govt. should mobilize the ADF to rescue Victorians from the yoke of corrupt police, Lawyers, judges and politicians. How does Graham Ashton get to waltz off to an unperturbed retirement after misusing $10 million tax payers $$ to keep from them the truth about Lawyer X? How many watches would that buy? And Lawyer X isn’t where this ends Judge X, Felicity Hampel, who stitches Victorians up in her court, to pay back police and Victorian OPP for the help they provide covering up for her twice murdering son and drug dealing daughter.

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