Proof the Liberal Party are totally ok with Vaccine Certificates (passports)

Here’s an email Michael Sukkar MP sent to his constituent about vaccine passports/certificates. It seems the Liberals are ok with outcasting those of us who wish to practise our human rights to medical choice. Very disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising.

His letter is here –

If you want to email your local Members to re-enforce your opinion on vaccine passports/certificates, you can do so here. Just type in your postcode and all the MPs that represent you can be emailed with that one click –

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  1. No surprises here. I was shocked when I first learned that Morrison boasted he was the architect of “no jab, no play/pay”. He promised no mandatory vaccines, this makes him a liar and deceiver. I don’t speak evil of a professing Christian lightly, but this man is being used by God (as He used Pharoah, Herod and others) to fulfil the prophecy about a one world government in the Last Days.

  2. I wrote to my friend, Senator Eric Abetz, he replied that he was against mandatory “vaccines” and the vaccine certificate (aka passport), and would oppose it. Sadly, he is one man and he doesn’t seem to be stopping Morrison.

    1. All this pressure being placed on Health Care Workers to be vaccinated to keep their employment is the classic trojan horse by the Federal Liberal Govt for the future model of across the board employment for all of us. But here in Victoria it’s the marxist state govt who does their dirty work.

      1. Employment is not the be all of life, your morals and ideals far outweigh money! If everyone pushed back and said no worries I will leave we would win this fight against our human liberty’s is a few days. Using the excuse about a job and money is not going to help, stand strong and quit. There is work everywhere at the moment, it is the only way??

      2. I see a lot of Victorians moving down here to Tassie as well as north to Queensland. They’ve had enough of Andrews and the CPVic

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