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  • Excellent, wonderful friendly service. Roget is an amazing, skilled hairdresser. I wish I’d found him sooner… and I travel all the way from Yarra Glen to see him!

  • I came here for the first time recently to get a basic men’s cut. I had Rojer cut my hair. I have to be honest and say it was one of the worst haircuts i’ve ever had (and I was born in 1971). First of all, he completely ignored my instruction that I didn’t want my hair “too short” and wanted it texturised on top and blended in. The cut was very uneven and he cut my hair way too short. The hair along the part was cut down to just 1cm long toward the back, leaving me with no hair to actually part, whilst he left it about 4cm long toward the front – completely botched. He also cut the top too short, but left the front fringe too long, leaving my hair looking unbalanced and very difficult to style. I emailed a politely worded complaint to the Salon Manager, Jomana. She responded a couple of days late and requested my number so she could “discuss and make an appointment for you”. I responded the next day and provided my number as requested and heard crickets, so I sent a reminder email two days later…again I heard crickets. I sent a further reminder email the following day, stating that would be my last attempt to address my complaint, and hinting I may leave negative feedback if she did not respond. Later that day I (finally) got a response claiming “I only saw this email now. I will call you tomorrow to make a time to come in that is suitable for you”. And as you might have guessed given this negative review I’ve posted, again the business lied to me and all I heard were crickets. From what I can tell, they are not good hairdressers and don’t like it when people make complaints. I got deliberately stuffed around when I provided polite negative feedback, and requested they book me in to get some corrective work done to fix up some of the poor haircut. That is very unprofessional behaviour and speaks to the kind of people who run this business. My advice? Look elsewhere. I will be.

  • Fantastic service and skill.
    For any woman with short hair we know how hard it can be to find a good hairdresser with cutting skills – definitely recommend!

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