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Bowen Therapy with Grace

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue therapy which with the right targeted approach can bring about extraordinary healing as it unravels layers of injury, both

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Joia Wellness

🍃 I coach women all over Australia to reverse their chronic health issues using evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle changes. 🍃 Health is the heart of

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The Body Talks Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic therapy that uses muscle monitoring to identify & correct imbalances & stressors within the body. Works effectively with: * learning

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Richfit holistic

KINESIOLOGY FITNESS PILATES ONLINE PROGRAMS I love working with people and accessing your true potential. I’m a holsitc coach, a motivation coach for anything you

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Spirit Yoga

WELCOME TO SPIRIT YOGA You are invited to take a journey within, to calm your mind and soothe your soul. Our lives are increasingly busy

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