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3 reviews
  • Sam and I worked together for several months. During that time I became very aware of her deep commitment to understanding those intricate nuances most health care providers forget. With her extensive background in healthcare, then the added benefit of functional medicine training, Sam is able to dig deep into the details of a person’s unique wellness challenges. Her ability to use her functional medicine knowledge to ask the right questions she’s able to see her client’s challenges with a more focused understanding. As she teaches her client about the interconnectedness of symptoms they work together to create a plan for obtaining the wellness the client deserves.

    1. Get Glowing Health Listing Owner

      I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from you Gayle. Functional medicine is the most amazing modality to help clients reverse their chronic health challenges, and I am eternally grateful to have found it. It has finally allowed me to do what I have been yearning for all my life – to help a person TRULY find wellness. What a gift! Thank you so much for this testimonial Gayle

  • 21st February 2019 ·
    Sam told me she was getting qualified in functional medicine quite a while back. I was trying acupuncture at the time which I felt had helped me as far as it could, I was no longer seeing any improvement from it symptoms wise and my thyroid numbers were getting worse not better, we were wanting to start a family but nothing had been happening for 2 years! I was just getting tested for suspected PCOS as well as been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After doing some research on functional medicine I found it really interesting and asked if I could be a client! She was very thorough and we had many video calls to help her understand what was going on and what she could advise me to try. I did all her suggestions (seemed silly not to do everything possible!) and I can now happily announce we are almost 26 weeks pregnant, and have fully reversed my hypothyroidism! The doctors want to keep an eye on my numbers after birth but are happy that my numbers have now been normal for almost a year!
    I would certainly recommend Sam, she’s been fantastic! And quite honestly I don’t think we’d be starting a family without her help.
    Edit- two years on and she’s thriving, very intelligent and such a happy little girl!

    1. Get Glowing Health Listing Owner

      Thank you so much Jessica, this is a lovely testimonial. Riley is a delightful little girl!

  • After years of feeling rundown and physically drained i finally got my answer with Sam.
    ive been to many doctors who would just say low iron or ferritin take this or low vit D take these without ever looking into why this is happening, and it never changing anything still feeling like crap.
    It wasnt until i found Sam that i found out what was my problem which was a dysfunctional thyroid. So for the last year ive been on a fantastic program created by Sam that has turned my life around.
    I could of spent even more years with run of the mill doctors not really caring what my problem was and where it started they just wanted to medicate the symptoms and that was it, but what i was to discover with Sam was to open up a can of worms no doctor would of ever seen of treated.

    So i would highly recommend Sam to solve your issues, she will get down to the root cause of it and start you on the road to recovery.

    1. Get Glowing Health Listing Owner

      What a lovely testimonial Caroline.
      I know we still have some work to do to get you back to 100% wellness, but you have done a fabulous job of turning things around so far. You deserve to reap the rewards of your efforts.
      Thank you so much

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