Australian Convoy to Canberra – Live updates

live streaming now – WATCH HERE

4:05 pm Tuesday 8th February – Canberra

1:30 am Sunday 5th February – Canberra

4:30 pm Saturday 5th February – Canberra

12:00 pm Friday 4th February – National Library of Australia, Canberra

8:10 am Friday 4th February – National Library of Australia, Canberra

7:50 am Friday 4th February – National Library of Australia, Canberra

7:45 am Friday 4th February – Canberra

7:40 am Friday 4th February – Canberra

7:30 am Friday 4th February – Canberra

7:25 am Friday 4th February – Canberra

7:22 am Friday 4th February – Canberra

7:19 am Friday 4th February – Canberra


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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. The English-language world is certainly becoming smaller (or larger, depending on how you look at it), thanks I suppose to the internet.

    1. I am sooo Proud of “ALL” of you, also we can beat this with finance like in Ottowa has, if you can,t be in Canberrta, Donate to help those who are 🙂
      Stop these Corporate Cabal, Banksters !

  2. Got a couple of Q’s. Are police blocking the highways into Canberra? Is there accommodation available (thought there was something on Telegram saying businesses were not permitting People in). Thanks.

  3. I’m thinking of driving around to all my local RSLs and putting your posters up so ex service men and women are kept informed of the convoy.

  4. Canadian Convoy Rally Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

    Also ensure you see hoodie’s ) Graham hood ex Qantas pilot) his latest video on the Canberra convoy. You can also see it in
    Thank you to all the incredible people being our voices in the fight for freedom against tyrannical government and their crimes against innocent populations.
    They will not escape from these heinous political and medical tyrannical actions. They will face justice somehow someway someday.

  5. Gee a Shame, you have moved 🙁 Already lost, Pedo,s & Dirty money won.
    Because of short notice I was goin to head to Canberra, as alot were, now ?? To “WHAT”

  6. Without Prejudice: If everyone who is sick and tired of started in 2020 imposition of covidophobia by corrupt politicians funded/bribed by global manufacturers of alleged “vaccines” without a full safety testing on risks to reproductive function or potential teratogenic deformities (takes several years, not just several months) as actual puppeteers over sold off politicians would stop purchasing all other products at the pharmacies, we may cut their profiteering. Look at this option: asking for any generic pharmaceutical made by other ethical manufacturers and refuse to purchase all items made by: AstraZeneca; Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer. Once Unfortunately at this moment it seems as not possible to boycott any products from Moderna, but we all can vote with our wallet. Once all other incomes apart from super-profits from pilfering national budgets with help of currently corrupted politicians for mandating ineffective and still experimental preparations dry out, less would be left for the bribes. Guess, how fast fear-mongering would subside and currently elected scum would start to worry about international criminal charges for violations of Nuremberg Code?
    My sincere sympathy to all former colleagues in pharmaceutical industry and honest medics who maintained Hippocrates Oath and lost some income, but refused to prostitute their professional integrity.

  7. Such a great pep talk, sister! Promoting the convoy to Canberra while setting up the Brisbane event – both events can ignite and serve each other. Way to go, Monica, and can’t wait for the family picnic event on Sunday in Brissie.