Australia’s Draconian COVID lockdowns never ‘followed the science.’ Here’s proof

By Monica Smit. Original article posted on LifeSite News

Imagine if, in early 2020, the Australian people had been told that a new disease, COVID-19, would cause just over 200 deaths in Australia over the next two years. To respond it would be necessary to lock people in their homes, force them to wear masks, coerce them into getting an untested and dangerous inoculation to keep their jobs, create medical apartheid, lock the “unvaccinated” out of society, undermine the separation of powers by letting the Executive create rules instead of the Legislature, and suspend the laws of the land with state of emergency provisions.

I am sure no Australians would have thought this to be either a proportionate or sensible response. Yet recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed that it is exactly what has happened. As Nutritional and Environmental Medicine specialist Professor Robyn Cosford explains, the latest COVID death statistics show that the hysterical claims that there was a deadly pandemic in Australia were completely wrong.

Cosford had to resign her job in order to speak out because of the relentless attacks being mounted by medical authorities on any practitioners who dare to think for themselves. When, as is finally happening, the truth eventually emerges about the perils of the vaccines and the extreme over-reaction to the COVID threat, it is hard to see how Australia’s health system, including the doctors, will ever regain public trust.

The ABS data record that 2,639 deaths were people who died “with or from” COVID-19 by January 31, 2022. That equates with less than 0.9 percent of total mortality in Australia. Of that 0.9 percent, only 8.6 per cent died “from” the virus: that is, had COVID listed as the only thing on their death certificates. The remaining 91.4 percent had other conditions, usually pre-existing. It was never a pandemic. That is perhaps why the ABC, the national broadcaster, is lying about the death toll, yet more misreporting.

The ABS’s data on the age of people dying with or from COVID is also revealing. As Cosford explains, the median mortality age in Australia is 83.7 years: 81 for men and 86 for women. According to an ABS report, the median age for those who died from COVID-19 was 83.7 years (81.2 years for males, 86.0 years for females). Almost exactly the same, in other words.

Australian politicians have boasted for two years that they were “following the science” and listening to the best experts. They did nothing of the sort. Most of these so-called “experts” have been computer modellers using epidemiological projections based on assumptions that turned out to be almost entirely wrong. A dart board would have been better.

These modellers, ridiculously trying to correlate infection rates and population movements, predicted that locking people in homes, making them wear masks, closing the international borders, shutting down retail stores and hospitality venues, imposing curfews, and constraining people’s movements would somehow contain the virus. It was all nonsense.

Then governments brutally mandated potentially dangerous vaccines (which do not even meet the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s own definition of what a “vaccine” is) claiming that this would “stop the spread” of the virus. That claim was false, too. The Australian authorities are now forced to admit that the jabs do not stop infection or transmission, and do not give any extra protection against COVID. Indeed, the fact that state governments are pushing boosters is an implicit admission that they only work for a short period. So when the governments insisted that they knew the inoculations were safe and effective they were lying. They could not possibly know that in such a short period of time. It is now clear that the jabs are neither.

A clue into how such a debacle occurred has been provided by the South Australian Senator Alex Antic. He asked the South Australian state government, using a Freedom of Information request, for the medical advice that the state government kept citing as its reasons for locking down the state. Antic was given almost no information, mainly because there was almost none.

Here is what probably happened within government circles. There was never any genuine medical advice, despite all the claims from politicians that they were “following the science.” That is why they never made any effort to share it with the public.

Instead, it was fear-driven politics. In early 2020, spooked by reports of what was happening internationally, panic set in. Australia’s feckless politicians, determined to look like great leaders, instructed their bureaucrats to issue outrageous health orders. Some probably also had darker motives, although this has to remain speculation. The fact that the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was formerly director of strategy at the World Economic Forum might not be trivial, for example.

A massive public campaign was mounted to get people to use unreliable tests – now acknowledged to be so by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – to create hysteria about the number of “cases.” The authorities neglected to mention that 99 percent of those “cases” were people who either had no, or only mild, symptoms. Then they got the epidemiological modellers to feed all this nonsense into their computers and came up with a series of absurd, evil policies that have deeply harmed Australia’s democratic fabric.

The truth is now out. But don’t expect Australian politicians to finally start “following the science.” They never have.

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  1. Nice article Monica. The counter argument though is that the toll from COVID is so low BECAUSE of all the measures that were taken. I don’t subscribe to this view myself, but it can be difficult to succinctly refute.

    The problem the government has is those of us who have chosen not to have any “jabs”. If the narrative is genuine then our group really should be perishing in quite significant numbers by now. In reality there are actually some studies now suggesting that the “unvaccinated*” are doing better than the vaccinated. I believe that this is one of the reasons why they continue to persecute the unvaxed. It looks bad for them. They need to get the vaxed up as close to 100% as possible so that no one can argue that you’d be better of unvaxed.

    * For your amusement I wasn’t sure of the spelling of “unvaccinated” so looked it up and got a Google definition as well: “not inoculated with a vaccine to provide immunity against a disease.” Hmm … so by that definition those people who have had the jabs and are not immune are therefore unvaxed. : )

  2. Great article – just a correction on the maths – based on ~26M population and ~227 (closer estimate) dead ‘from’ Covid in Australia the 0.07% should be ~0.00087%, which is 8.7 deaths per 1M of the population. Check by multiplying 8.7 * 26 ~= 267. (the ‘~’ means approx.)

  3. What frightens me is that the power grabbers/politicians have enjoyed controlling people. Now that COVID19 is known to be a lie, what will the next fake pandemic be..?

    1. Amfarah,
      Unfortunately the next pandemic seems to be here, and doesn’t appear to be fake,despite what WHO and our trusted fact checkers say.

      It is VAIDS – vaccine aquired immuno deficincy syndrome. There was a video that went viral over 6 months ago where a well credentialed Dr Shaun Brooks spoke at a school board meeting and said if you get your first jab you can say goodbye to 15% of your immune system and get your second say goodbye to another 20%. At the time, for the sake of the vaccinated, I was hoping that that was a worst case senario. However it appears to be a little conservative.

      One doctor had done a before and after immune system mafrker test on a patient. The first was done before the pandemic when a previously obese,unhealthy diabetic had completely turned his life around so much the doctor was shocked, and had allowed the doctor to do extensive testing. The second test was done a few months after being double jabbed and he had lost a lot of his health. The average immune system marker had dropped by 44 %. Other doctors doing the same tests have reported results 40+% below standard measurements.

      Others have found that the bodies toll like receptors have shut down post vax. They are the sentinals that find damaged cells for the immune system to take out.

      There are some such as Professor Ian Brighthope who have developed excellent protocols to bolster the immune system (he was interviewed on MCJ report and on Maria Zeee media). However a major problem seems to be that the immune system seems to be attacking organs where the spike protein is found.

      1. On the other hand the next fake pandemic is sure to be…….HEY, FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON UKRAINE !!!!!!!!!

        I saw a cartoon with Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau with blood all over their hands, standing on top of a huge pile of dead bodies ,all saying “You terrible person Putin”

        The west seems to have forgotten the million killed in Iraq after imaginary 9/11 connections and Weapons of mass destruction. Don’t forget Libya,where Ghadaffi had used his oil wealth to provide free education and health care, intrest free housing loans and had began projects to pipe water into the desert.As soon as he announced his intention to govern oil prices with an African based currency instead of the US$ the bombs began to fall.

        Ukraine is a very complex situation, and just like the pandemic it pays to ignore main stream media and follow trusted independant media.

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