Do Lockdowns Work?

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  1. And the daily death numbers appear to be at most half a percent of KNOWN cases. We don’t know how many people didn’t show up to testing because they have no symptoms. This means actual death numbers (assuming that people died of Covid, not with Covid) maybe a quarter of a percent or even fewer.

  2. Of course lockdowns don’t work, nor to masks etc., but you can be sure
    of one thing, Andrews is not going to let us out of lockdown until he
    gets the numbers that he wants. He never lets us know where these
    numbers are coming from, or what hospitals and yet there are so many
    people following his rules??

  3. And that is assuming that all those cases were covid and not the flu, common cold or other respiratory illneses that present the same symptons as covid. And which they don’t test for!

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