In a ‘deadly’ pandemic thousands of healthcare workers are being suspended.

QLD Premier predicts Delta will hit every corner of QLD in December however suspends thousands?

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath announced 4,000 unvaccinated health care staff would be suspended this week with full pay leading to some “disruptions” for Queensland Health.

The 4,000 workers who have refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 amount to around three per cent of the total health work force in Queensland.

Speaking on Monday Ms D’Ath said there were 7,000 people who were yet to be fully vaccinated but 3,000 were on long service or maternity leave.

“So proud to be standing with my comrades today in Perth. I am here to help anyone who is down and out, needs a bed/shelter/food or prayers.” -RN Ellen M.

Laying down of uniforms outside Dumas house, Perth. 2/10/21

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  2. So here it is…
    If i killed your mothers, raped your daughters or i am a paedophile i can eat at a restaurant, get a job, go shopping, fly somewhere but wait oh thee unvaccinated evil one, you cant even get a haircut! WTF!! To the people of this country that didn’t stand up to the bullshit dictatorship, you have no respect for yourselves or for the anzacs that died for your freedom. All you sheep disgrace me.

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