Luke Howarth’s open letter…”abolish vaccine mandates”

You know us, we always advocate giving credit where credit is due, no matter which party they are in. Luke has stood up for the people in this instance and it’s good to encourage them to continue doing so.

Also if their colleagues see the bombardment of support for the members who do the right thing, it might encourage them to do the same.

Send him a message of gratitude today 🙂 I will be.




Phone – (02) 6277 4081

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  1. Great letter and makes absolute sense in all this madness! It’s ridiculous to think that an unvaccinated person can be a “danger to society” from one day to the next because “science” says so. I can’t sit down at a cafe within a shopping centre but I can sit at the public food court to have some lunch because “science”. The places they’ve blocked off to us unvaccinated are being used as leverage to get us to go get jabbed. Plain and simple. But it’s ok, I can wait. I’m going to hold firm and not cave in to their tactics.

    1. I agree, we are being subjected to psychological abuse and torture and you can see it everywhere. The fear as people rush to mask up. I have never felt healthier in my life with plenty of vitamins, fresh air and exercise. Imagine having to rely on a computer generated sequence of nucleotides injected into your body possibly forever, with no long term safety data and horrific side effects. The police and business outlets are doing the governments dirty work as they are weaponised against us. May God forgive them as I never will.

  2. I have left some solid information on his farsebook page. Note I have now been restricted by farsebook and they have deleted some of my posts As well as their constant.banning of others it is disgusting and f/b banned my posts All of them regarding the death of Dr Andreas noack after releasing by video on the catastrophic effects of Graphene hydroxide. Heads must start to roll soon.

    1. Yes, the agenda is very sinister and frightening. It seems they are trying to kill us all with this horrific injection. Safe and effective after 4 months of highly controversial trials with no long term safety data. God help us. I prefer to be part of the control group but nobody should have a bullet to the head of no jab. No job. I am still in shock at how this is playing out.

  3. And speaking of our absolute incompetent premier, please watch this news report about how her and her government of “professionals” haven’t been testing people on day 5 of entering the stage and ZERO fines have been issued for people who have not submitted said tests. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

    And to think they’re only letting negative result fully vaxxed people into the state… yet somehow we’re now getting 50-90 cases daily! Marvellous job you twitts! Your vax is clearly effective…

  4. Better than nothing, Luke Howarth, so thank you for the letter to the Queensland Premier: however, given that you are a member of the Federal Government, which has overseen the catastrophic and egregious mismanagement of the Covid-19 situation in Australia, far more is needed than some fine words on paper.
    How about putting your job on the line, and crossing the floor to support the handful of rising-in-greatness politicians who are actually putting skin in the game, and championing inalienable human rights for all Australians, including the sacrosanct right to say no, without consequences, to medical interventions, such as ‘vaccine’ injections, especially for children in our care.
    Until I learn of action from you with potential real-world consequences to yourself, you are effectively siding with brutes, tyrants, and dictators, namely, your government. I note that the other major parties do not differ in the essentials, either. Clean broom needed for almost all of you, for squandering the opportunities political office affords you.

  5. Well, that is interesting! For weeks his face was on a billboard on the way to Redcliffe, virtue signalling that he had his vax & encouraging others to do so. I wonder if he coped flack for that. Let’s hope that his letter is genuine & motivated by a real concern for freedom.