Magistrates court today – or was I in CHINA?

One day, the justice system will recognise how utterly ridiculous they sounded and acted during the COVID era. How can a magistrate look at a freedom lover with no prior criminal behaviour and see a person deserving of a fine or conviction for leaving their house? They will have to face their demons one day for being so complicit while good men and women were dragged through the court systems.

Hearing police say things like “we observed the accused not actively socially distancing,” or “the accused was outside their 5km radius,” or “was seen as an illegal gathering”…is really quite shattering!

One thing that was beautiful to me was that the people who were being accused of breaching COVID restrictions were ALL upstanding citizens. They were long-term employees, family and community-focused people, and all-around GOOD PEOPLE. Most of them had never set foot in a courtroom before today.

Doesn’t that say something about the types of people who were given these types of infringements? I am proud to say I stood alongside these patriotic Australians who risked prosecution for the benefit of others. Whether you win or lose your fine cases, you are on the right side of history and we’re all proud of you!

Our once beautifully democratic country was lost over the last two years, and still is. The police, justice system, parliament, and other public sectors still act like this is normal.

I felt like I had been transported into a Chinese courtroom while witnessing dozens of COVID tyranny fines.

NONE of the fines were dropped. Here’s the array of different outcomes I heard;

  1. A group of them have pled not guilty and are challenging the validity of the CHO directions and the emergency declaration. Those will now proceed to trial, where they will get an opportunity to argue that.
  2. The majority of them went to something called a ‘diversion’, which means that there is no conviction, sometimes no cost either. However, the accused is admitting fault and responsibility, so in essence, agreeing they did something wrong. It’s the best option for those who want to fine over and done with and don’t want to pay the fine or a conviction.
  3. A few people had proof that they were out of their homes or in that location for an essential reason. They have also been given a trial date to prove that.
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  1. The preamble of the Australian Constitution says “WHEREAS the people of [Australia] …., humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”. Once the “people” of Australia rejected God, they loss the blessing of God, including to “[o]ur once beautifully democratic country”.

  2. This is particularly DIRE*CTED at ALL the JUD*GES who think Man*dates are fine.
    Abo*lish ALL Ma*ndates now and forever more.

    C*O*V*I*D J*a*b Victims Deserve To Be Acknowledged
    The victims’ struggle, their pain, their deaths deserve to be acknowledged for what they are — the result of med*ical malf*easance, regulatory corru*ption and societal “ma*ss forma*tion” insanity driven by med*ia fearm*ongering and outright li*es to support the shift to global tyra*nny and sla*very.

    Celebrities, politicians, health agency officials, news anchors, doctors, nurses, academics and countless others pus*hed, sha*med and threa*tened as many as they could into getting the s*h*o*t, and everyone now needs to see what the result ……..


    The remainder of the pop*ul*ation had b*etter r*ub the sleep out of their eyes immediately and realise our Dem*ocra*cies glob*ally have been hi*jacked by the v*ile and dist*urbed W*E*F Glo*balist Cart*el and their trea*sonous pol*itical acco*mplices.
    The peo*ple must b*ring down these v*ile Tyra*nts who only care about their own po*wer gre*ed and con*trol and these Luna*tics are bloo*dy lawl*ess Tyr*ants. STO*P THEM and rec*laim our F*ULL Dem*ocratic Rig*hts and Free*doms.
    Like when the Se*wer Ne*ws Main*strea*m Me*dia Thu*gs previously atta*cked Ol*ivia New*ton Jo*hn and her dau*ghter because they were very Info*rmed about va*x*x*in*es and a person’s rig*hts to ful*ly infor*med con*sent OR REF*USAL to a me*dical pro*ced*ure etc..
    And now M*S*M Se*wer Ne*ws are all over her greatness because this beautiful woman has now died.
    We do not for*give or for*get your Se*wer Ne*ws M*ain Str*eam Med*ia !

    Ca*lling on ALL Po*lice Off*icers / La*w Enfo*rcement to STAND WITH this wonderful RC*MP Off*icer and all the others, prote*sting; to prot*ect the Ri*ghts and Free*doms of the peo*ple.
    Tru*dea*u’s Head of Sec*urity res*igns.

    Austra*lian Me*dical Profe*ssionals Society AMPS. Do*ctors ag*ainst Man*dates

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    MULTIPLE CLAIMS by HEA*LTH OFFIC*IALS Globally DEBU*NKED – See truth about Australian Gove*rnment A*BS / AH*P*RA – See story and extremely important information in comments to give the tr*uth to the pe*ople

    RIP Med*ical Priv*acy – Dictator Dan – Also see extremely important comments

    The Aus*tralian A*rm of the mon*strous Wor*ld Eco*nomic For*um Glo*balist Ca*rtel must also be aboli*shed perm*anently and irre*vocably along with all Man*dates and any and all other tyra*nnical Gov*ernment actions. It’s ins*ane !


    WO*RLD ECON*OMIC FOR*UM CONNECTIONS – TREA*SONOUS ACTIONS – EVEN THE AUSTRA*LIAN HUMA*N RIG*HTS COMM*ISSIONER / L*ORD MAYO*R OF MELB*OURNE Mr. Edw*ard San*tow – He was Hu*man Ri*ghts Commi*ssioner at the Aust*ralian Hu*man Rig*hts Commi*ssion from Au*gust 2016 to 28 Ju*ly, 2021.

    Hija*cked Glo*bal Parl*iaments > Dest*ruction of AL*L Free*doms
    From Ope*n Voi*ce – What the W*E*F/Glo*bal E*lite/Tech*nocrats Car*tel have plan*ned for the p*eople of the world in their world hij*acki*ng


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  3. There are no right’s only privileges.
    Rights of the child were assigned by the parents on the birth of the child via the registration.
    You either govern yourself or be governed, not both. We all hold persons created by government – that should give you a clue.
    Don’t presume, get smart not angry.

  4. In our case we got away with a diversion without pleading guilty or not guilty. In the lead up we went through a case summary hearing with the police prosecutor. We ended up with no fine (saved over $7k) and a good behaviour time frame of a few months (meaning don’t collect another infringement notice). We only had to admit that the incident report was materially factual, i.e. we where in a group setting outside of the 5km radius and the police opined that we did not have a valid excuse. It was important for us not to plead guilty while exercising our constitutional rights and also to proceed quickly through the court system. Win – win.