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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. My Fellow Australians who vehemently oppose Tyrannical Governments and will fight for our Democracy, Freedom, Rights and Choices.
    I am literally begging each and every one of you to review this information of what has happened to our country and remember what is at stake in the Australian Federal Election for us all. (The information here is the tip of the iceberg.)

    Daniel Andrews Victorian Government Anti-Corruption Inquiry

    We will never forgive or forget the BRUTALITY of Australian Governments and their BRUTAL Police Forces

    CENTRELINK/Welfare Recipients will be forcibly vaccinated after Federal Election

    UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY How to Vote Cards > NO TO Liberal National Labor and Greens

    The last two years in Australia have seen absolute vile and brutal Tyranny and nothing but the usual lies and the whole political system corrupted to the rotten core – The Federal Election is time to sanitise the Political Sewers and My fellow Australians to save us all and our Country NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to absolute State and Federal Governments TYRANNY and they’re only getting started this last two years!
    This is our last and Only chance to reclaim our lives our civil rights medical rights human rights choices and freedoms and our Democracy and OUR country.

    Australian Government Online Safety Bill risks the most Draconian Internet Censorship in the Western World

    United Nations Digital Identity Bill – Absolutely terrifying – Total loss of all our Rights and Freedoms

    This is yet another example of the wickedness of the Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Government, using the Transgender People as a Political Football/Vote Catcher.
    Transgender People please don’t fall for this Dictator’s Con – He cares about no-one but his power crazed lawless self and his like-minded Premiers in all States of Australia along with the Prime Minister. Don’t fall for their vote catching bullshit.

    Daniel Andrews attacks ‘cruel’ Politicians for driving a debate on transgender people in sport

    This is only a handful of examples of the shocking/disgusting Australian State and Federal Governments’ TYRANTS murdering our Democracy – our civil rights medical rights human rights, choices and freedoms which occurred in every State of Australia.

    Victorian Police violently stomping on man’s Head

    Victorian Police BRUTALITY

    Documentary Battleground Melbourne

    Polish MP’s blast Australian Government for breaches of Human Rights

    Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police State Thugs BRUTALITY
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    NOTE This is one of the countless videos banned and they make you go through an identification process using your credit card to get to watch the video
    Australian Police bash and pepper spray 70 year old woman

    Australian Police are now just criminal gangs of Thugs
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    NEW SOUTH WALES police brutality they bash local Dad

    Australian Government Police attack unarmed Peaceful civilians protesting against heinous Government Tyranny
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    Note Like so many websites telling the truth of what’s going on this video has also been shut down by the Globalists/Political Dictators
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    The Price of Fear
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    Labor offers worse than we’ve already got

    Victorian Government – Absolutely Shocking – Attention parents and Guardians >

    PFIZER/FDA ordered by a Judge to release VACCINE Data which they wanted hidden for 75 years

    Malcolm Roberts One Nation
    Comment > Stop Global Deforestation and keep planting countless amount of trees globally continually

    AUSTRALIANS > To save ourselves and our country NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to Totalitarian Governments forever.
    Australians we must reclaim OUR Democracy and OUR Country now !