Making lemonade out of lemons…

I got this story from an RDA member. Messages like this are why we exist!!! Let’s use this terrible situation and make the most of it!!! We have nothing to lose by rising above the tyrany.

Download the black and whiite flyers here –

“I’ve taken action. I’ve had enough. I’m furious. But I’m scared. Scared for the damnation and suffering of my business from society. I support family members with my business income, I have them to support too. I fear that my actions will negatively affect them so I stay quiet.

But the inner uproar and complete disconnect with myself and my knowledge that this is not right is ripping apart my insides. I screamed so hard on Thursday that I thought I’d ripped my throat.

What if my lack of action and not speaking out is what actually hurts my family? What if they don’t know what I know and aren’t informed?

Why should Healthy people undertake something which carries risk?
What happens when they are exposed to the virus their bodies are programmed to attack? Like actually programmed. By mRNA. I know what happened to a lot of the animals they studied this in. I read the studies. I have a health science degree, I know and understand what the studies say.

Now everyone is a ferret.
Scurrying to hold onto their travel and their Friday knock offs to get back to ‘normal’ and it makes me furious.

So I’ve printed RDA flyers and I’m hitting the streets. Noone’s letterbox is safe. I’ll canvas the area then I’ll repeat. This is my way of taking action while keeping my families livelihood safe. Thanks, team RDA for having the pro tables available for me to take action and use my fury in a positive way.”

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  1. What beautiful words, so passionate & your inner strength shines through. I understand your inner roar, I too feel a pit of fire in my belly….Stay Safe Stay Strong.
    I love the idea of the green paper, I will follow your lead with that idea.
    Marlane from Wodonga on the Border