The Maritime Union of Australia is preparing a legal challenge to vaccine mandates

The wharfies’ union has advised all its members in Queensland to refuse to show employers proof of COVID-19 vaccination and has threatened action if stevedores do not pause their jab mandates.

The Maritime Union of Australia is preparing a legal challenge to vaccine mandates in place or under consideration at stevedores in Queensland and has given the employers until Monday to back down.

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  1. I work in the same building as a hospital 🏥, but on the second floor above it they are on the ground floor. We are radiology(Xray department) and come under the SONIC umbrella(health worker). I don’t want an experimental vaccine jabbed into me, but have been in formed that we need to be fully vaccinated to continue working at this site. What I find absolutely hilarious is that we can continue to X-ray/scan people from anywhere who are vaccinated or not? No discrimination there? This is absolutely disgusting. We wear the bloody masks 😷 and have the plastic dividers in front of us, so why should we be made to go elsewhere? Please can someone HELP? I have kept all emails that have been sent to me and all staff in regards to this matter.

  2. More unions need to stand up. Also if they are aligned to a political party that opposes this move they should remove their support for this party.