Victorian Senate Candidates vow to protect the word ‘mate’.

“Do you want a government who spends YOUR time and money deciding if the word ‘mate’ is offensive? I sure as hell don’t…how ridiculous” Says Monica

In light of the guidelines to NSW Members of Parliament not to use the word ‘mate’, Victorian Senate Candidates Morgan Jonas and Monica Smit have vowed they would protect, and continue to use, the sacred four-letter word in the interests of protecting Australian culture.

“Morgan’s my best mate” stated Monica.

“That’s funny she said that” responded Morgan “because Monica’s my best mate as well” said Morgan.

“Mateship has been the cornerstone of what Australia has been built upon” said Monica.

“I have mate’s all over the country who call me mate” said Monica “and some of them are my best mates” she said.

“The only time this endearing term has been overused is when our fellow Aussies have ignored the pain the major parties have put our country through and said ‘she’ll be right mate’, because she won’t be!” said Morgan.

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