FILED CASE – Matt Lawson VS Victoria Police

Watch the video below for more context.

We have over 80 eyewitnesses from that day who filled in the form. We may call on your one day soon.


RDA is planning a larger action from this day as well. If you want to be involved, fill in this form.

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  1. And still most of the public when they hear rubber bullets think it’s like a game of paint ball.
    As Matt said the hardest part was seeing the police ,who swore an oath to protect the public, doing that to him, being ordered to by their superiors ( and maybe the government above them)

    I grew up in Melbourne and moved to WA in 1986.I was desperate for the truth about what was happening in Melbourne and discovered RDA and Rebel news about that time via the USA’S “The Highwire”

    What summed up that period for me was video from the shrine of a protester running from police bullets and took a step towards a camera and asked in a state of shock ” Is this really F’n Australia ?”

  2. A jury hearing is a right under our constitution and, as I understand it, is even an obligation.

    Victoria Police, like almost every other Federal and State entiies is a private Corporation with an ABN. They are illegal under the Constitution (1900). As such, every police offcer could be regarded as a mercinary imo. It is a commonly held view that they have breached our human rights and private procecutions should be brought against every one of them with finacial penalties. I hope that this is an aspect of the case being pursued. Sadly, lawyers are officers of the Court and may be hesitant to rock the boat (an appropriate metaphor given that the Courts operate under Admiralty Law). I won’t be surprised if the case is lost.