8 Year Old Maya Donates Saved Money to Monica’s Defence

My name is Maya and I’ll be turning 9 in November.
This money I had saved toward another pet budgie but I don’t want to be living in a cage like a bird Dinis rather the money go to setting us both free. Thank you Monica for being a leader.

This was the response from Monica’s father

Thank you for your kind donation, you are well rounded intelligent person, your parents must be very proud of you. With your donation we will make sure we all don’t live in a cage in the future. You are also a future leader. You have to keep Dinis happy by singing to her. Maybe you can ask your parents if you can do a job for them to purchase another budgie. Kind Regards John Monica’s dad.

From the team at RDA, we sincerely thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of support and financial contributions to help Monica mount her legal defence and fight for all Australian’s freedoms.

If you haven’t donated yet and are in the position to help financially, please donate here. If you are not in a position to contribute financially then your thoughts and prayers are gratefully appreciated.

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  1. To Monica and family,
    We are praying for you.
    A few weeks ago the Victoria Police asked me if they could put a camera on my front gate so they could watch some cars going up and down Kinnear Road. After I found out that Monica had been jailed as a political prisoner, I took it done and told them.
    “No offence to you personally but the Victoria Police have failed in their duty to protect the innocent and that I was no longer prepared to cooperate with a Police force that was prepared to jail Monica as a political prisoner. This is the sort of behavior I would expect in Russia or China or under Hilter; NOT in Australia. I am now ashamed of the Victoria Police force and what they have become.
    The Detective replied, “We understand. We will send someone to pick up the camera.”
    Keep fighting Monica; we are so proud of you. We will win this battle even if it goes to the High Court.