Independent candidate takes on Neil Mitchell from 3AW

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Neil Mitchell yet another example of the bottom of the barrel so called journalism and the total lack of insight, integrity and ethics – this is absolutely appalling but as usual shows the deeply conflicted/biased/controlled MSM.

    A reminder to all the wonderful people out there who do care about the murdering of our civil rights medical rights human rights, choices and freedoms and our Democracy.

    This is yet another example of the wickedness of the Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Government, using the Transgender People as a Political Football/Vote Catcher.
    Transgender People please don’t fall for this Dictator’s Con – He cares about no-one but his power crazed lawless self and his like-minded Premiers in all States of Australia along with the Prime Minister. Don’t fall for their vote catching bullshit.

    Daniel Andrews attacks ‘cruel’ Politicians for driving a debate on transgender people in sport

    This is only a handful of examples of the shocking/disgusting Australian State and Federal Governments’ TYRANTS murdering our Democracy – our civil rights medical rights human rights, choices and freedoms which occurred in every State of Australia.

    Victorian Police violently stomping on man’s Head

    Victorian Police BRUTALITY

    Documentary Battleground Melbourne

    Polish MP’s blast Australian Government for breaches of Human Rights

    Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Police State Thugs BRUTALITY
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    NOTE This is one of the countless videos banned and they make you go through an identification process using your credit card to get to watch the video
    Australian Police bash and pepper spray 70 year old woman

    Australian Police are now just criminal gangs of Thugs
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    NEW SOUTH WALES police brutality they bash local Dad

    Australian Government Police attack unarmed Peaceful civilians protesting against heinous Government Tyranny
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    Note Like so many websites telling the truth of what’s going on this video has also been shut down by the Globalists/Political Dictators
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    The Price of Fear
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    Labor offers worse than we’ve already got

    Victorian Government – Absolutely Shocking – Attention parents and Guardians >

    PFIZER/FDA ordered by a Judge to release VACCINE Data which they wanted hidden for 75 years

    AUSTRALIANS > To save ourselves and our country NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to Totalitarian Governments forever.

  2. Well done Morgan you rattled him. I can’t wait for MSM to be off the airways and it will happen the more people see what is going on. They have an agenda to railroad people into believing whatever they want us to believe. People are tired of the bullying tactics that people like Mitchell use, it achieves nothing but to shut down good people.

  3. What an arrogant piece of work Mitchell is. First, he starts off by discrediting minor parties with cheap name-calling. Then he expects figures off the top of Morgan’s head and delves into deep detail within limited radio time. And then he tries to jump from issue to issue in an attempt to confuse Morgan and finally trying to make him look like a nutter because of his stand against mandates. Well done Morgan! That was infuriating!

    1. I totally agree! How can someone who’s never farmed know what farmers need? Easy. You go to the people and ask them what they need! Obviously NM doesn’t understand that concept living in his cosy house in Melbourne. Good work Morgan.

  4. Well done with the interview. Mitchell is a main stream stooge with a terrible manner towards a different approach. Full marks for sticking to your guns. Mitchell’s bad manners and arrogance were on display, again, for all to see. Keep up the good work; and when you make it to parliament do to the little bearded prick what Elon Musk will do to Twitter.

  5. I do not know you stayed so calm during that Morgan, Honestly, that is such a credit to you. Just keep being you, doing what you do, because Neil Mitchell and others just keep making themselves look like fools. I would never have listened to it, if it wasn’t on here. I’ve spoken to 3 people recently that used to listen to 3AW and now they don’t because of Neil Mitchell and his attitude.

  6. Damn well done Morgan. I hear desperation in Mitchell’s voice as he tries to shut you down. He and all MSM are terrified of you and your kind. You have reached too many people… and he will be an extinct species.

  7. I am from Queensland so this is information to help our Voters.
    Many awakened people know that it is the Liberal/National and Labor/Greens who have destroyed our civil rights medical rights human rights choices and freedoms and our democracy and our country – This is OUR Country !
    The State and Federal Governments of Australia, All Premiers, Prime Minister and all the State Government Chief Health Officers and their Health Ministers and Federal Health Minister have destroyed our lives MEDICAL rights choices and freedoms and ALL freedoms choices and rights and they have been and are all absolute Tyrants who are laying low at the moment until after the Federal Election and the people of Australia must not vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens in this Election or ever again or you will doom us all to a continuing on and full throttle increase in absolutely brutal/tyrannical Australian State and Federal Governments Totalitarianism !
    All our lives depend on the outcome of this Election and the annihilation of the same old same old Mouse Wheel Liberal National Labor and Greens who have us now on the precipice towards full throttle full blown Totalitarianism ! Please heed the warnings and do not vote Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER and I would urge Australians to consider voting for the following parties which is the only way to restore our Democracy, Rights, Choices and Freedoms and to save us all and our our country from Tyranny/Totalitarianism.
    Vote for >
    One Nation
    United Australia Party
    Informed Medical Options Party
    Great Australia Party
    Australian Federation Party
    Democratic Labor Party
    Liberal Democrats
    Katter’s Australia Party
    Citizens Party
    Len Harris
    Legalise Cannabis Party