How your GP is being told to MANIPULATE you

Be warned – if you go to see your GP to ask for a medical exemption from a COVID-19 vaccination, they may be working from a script that is designed to manipulate you.

Doctors appear to be being bullied into acting as agents for the government’s drive to get every person vaccinated.

As we know, the government drive is to vaccinate even people at extremely low risk from COVID-19 with one of the three provisionally-approved genetic “vaccines” that have unknown long-term health implications. 

Before we dive into the script, let’s remember that the primary responsibility of a doctor is, surely, to their patient.

But it now appears that the primary job of a doctor is to implement government health policy.

The GP’s script – called a “Discussion Guide for Medical Exemptions” – hints that doctors who stray from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)’s advice or guidance on medical exemptions may get into trouble with the law.

The doctor is guided to put the blame on ATAGI’s expert advisors and the government and to explain to the patient that the rules are very strict, and the doctor has no option but to apply them.

Funny, in our new world, the words ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ now seem to mean ‘enforced diktats’.

It’s sobering to remember, though, that at the Nuremberg trials, doctors who claimed they were only following orders, did not have their excuse accepted. It was determined that they should have put the patient’s interests first.

Considering the ATAGI advice, it makes sense for the guidance to list situations that every doctor should recognise and give an exemption for – a list of essential exemptions – that must in all circumstances be given in the interests of the patient.

But does that mean those exemptions provide a comprehensive list, and that no other situations could justify an exemption?

Isn’t the job of the doctor to assess whether the patient’s individual situation might require an exemption for a different medical reason – one that he or she is uniquely placed to judge?

For instance, say a young patient in their 20s has had a serious adverse event from their first jab. Under the ATAGI rules, that person is only allowed a temporary exemption for up to six months.

But the patient may have suffered such a serious event that their GP may think it best for them never to be exposed to the vaccine again. Surely the GP should be allowed to use their discretion and grant a permanent exemption?

I mean, why see a doctor at all? Why don’t we just put patients in front of an ATAGI computer? 

In fact, although patients think they are seeing their doctor to get unbiased advice on what is best for their health, it appears that they are instead encountering a vaccine salesperson, using manipulative sales techniques.

If the patient is eligible for an exemption on the narrow grounds according to the ATAGI guidance, the script tells the doctor to grant it.

If they are not eligible, the doctor who follows the script is then put on a mission to vaccinate the patient – preferably on the spot.

The script prompts the doctor to remind the patient about financial and other hardships they might experience because they are not vaccinated. 

In other words, the GP re-emphasises the penalties imposed by our current society on the unvaccinated, which have nothing at all to do with the health benefits for the patient. 

Thus, it seems that the GP is actively taking part in that coercion. If so, that appears to be a gross contravention of a doctor’s oath to “do no harm”, and also of the international rules established since Nuremberg 1.0.

“Guiding the patient to identify any potential advantages for them of being vaccinated is an opportunity to reinforce and amplify that motivation,” the authors of the script write.

The script suggests the doctor then says: “I prefer to see you vaccinated. Catching COVID can seriously disrupt your life and it could make you very ill.” 

But, arguably, that last statement is unbalanced and scaremongering if the patient is young, fit, and healthy and at infinitesimal risk of serious symptoms from COVID-19.

“If the patient is willing to vaccinate, provide them with information they need to support valid consent and vaccinate,” say the instructions in the script. 

It’s then suggested that the doctor says: “That’s great. I will get our practice nurse. Before I do, I will ask you some standard questions and give you a chance to ask any more of your own.”

If the patient is unwilling to vaccinate, doctors are told to encourage them to think things over and come back to discuss with the doctor again.

If I were a GP, I would seek legal advice before I used this script with my patients.

What if a doctor followed this script and bullied a patient with health issues – either mental or physical – who clearly had major concerns about vaccination, into having it done? 

And what if their patient was then unlucky enough to have a severe adverse event? 

Could that doctor be sued for malpractice? 

How would they defend themselves at the Nuremberg trials 2.0?

Are you a doctor who is being forced to ‘follow the script’ for vaccine exemptions? Get in touch with our team to tell your story. 

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  1. It’s the medical industry that’s got us into this whole mess in the first place, so it’s no wonder that they can now validate their allegiance to the fallacious religion of germ theory by sticking to the script of the globalist cabal.
    The only way out is to resist and to stay the heck away from doctors now (unless you break a bone).

  2. I have been through that exact scenario. when I confronted the doctor about my 1:8000 chance (@53 years old) of dying from covid or my 2.2:1000 chance of adverse reaction, he said everyone will require it soon to “keep their job”. I thought wow, he’s not even going to medically justify the jab, he is using financial coercion like the rest of them……

  3. After rebuilding my good health over the last 5 years to where I am healthier, more energetic and free of brain fog, than ever (age 68). My skin has a flare-up when I take any drug including aspirin. The same applies to “food” with chemicals in it. Doc says it’s against the law for him to give me an exemption. I said I just want to go back to being treated normal and allowed to go into HCF Eyecare to buy some prescription glasses ( Hmm…why am I paying nearly $90 a month for HCF) or go into Myers to buy something, and so on. He said well you will just have to get vaxed. Hey Doc remember what my skin was like 5 years ago … Im not talking about that kind of normal.