Meet Melissa Chacon – business owner and dedicated Freedom Fighter

Here’s her story

“Covid’s impacted me severely the last 12 months as it has with everyone. My business was closed for most of last year due to consecutive lockdowns in Melbourne, plus the impact on my staff also. Productivity overall has been stagnant and impacted not just business but also my entire supply chain. My father also recently passed away and I was unable to travel overseas in time, due to quarantine restrictions. I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of support we are receiving. The people of Victoria are stuck in a toxic codependent abusive relationship with the state and most of you aren’t even aware of it. I’ve put my reputation, business, severed friendships due to the differences in opinion regarding covid but I do it because the truth needs to be exposed. We can’t continue being held hostage and our lives put on hold. I don’t understand why it’s fair for us to close our businesses or be told we can’t work, whilst the entire Victorian cabinet receives a pay rise.”

You can check out her business here;

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