A requiem for Melbourne

Welcome to the “most livable city in the world.” A short tour around the Melbourne CBD on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

Last October, I captured over 400 ‘For Lease’ signs in the CBD. China Town remained untouched but a walk there a year later paints a different story.

A look at De Graves Street, Melbourne Town Hall, Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and some quiet streets around Melbourne on a normal 2021-working day, in the middle of a once-bustling city.

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  1. I hope the rest of Australia and the world can view this video and understand that in the city of Melbourne, the Victorian government has installed Chinese Communist Party facial/body recognition cameras, use overt propaganda, block mobile/internet, suppress any alternate views, have militarized the police, and use so called emergency powers to harass the population. The government overreach has violated the rights of the people.

  2. So sad…my once exciting Melbourne now looks as if it could blow away with the wind..
    God I hope ANDREAS gets what he deserves for this destruction of a beautiful, lively city..

  3. R.I.P Melbourne. I fear the damage there can’t be undone. The businesses are gone, and with them the workers. Maintain the rage Victorians, Andrews is history. Hopefully not even a dot in history.