Message from Dr Tess Lawrie to Dr Hill

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  1. Kinda speechless. This has to be the most simple proof of the basic greed and selfishness and cowardly behaviour at the beginning of the whole shit-show. I’m not religious, but may those responsible rot in hell. After they suffer in life.

  2. Clearly Dr. Hill was directed to change his findings in all probability by the WHO.
    We all know that WHO, United Nations, just to name two of a great many organisations, are fully complicit and literally “owned” by the World Economic Forum cartel responsible for the “Great Reset” proclaimed by the infamous Klaus Schwab in Davos in 2019.
    Dr. Hill was likely threatened and/or paid off to change his findings because it potentially could threaten their plans, established in great detail over decades, to establish the NWO. (World wide socialism, China style)
    As we know also a panic needed to be created and ultimately promoted by governments, officialdom, MSM etc and so promptly the, socalled “deadly” covid-19 virus arrived followed, hey presto, an mrna gene therapy jab was
    ” magically” introduced to save us all. It seems very clear to me that this jab, not a vaxxine by definition, is key to their plan to succeed.
    I think the recent part-release of the Pfizer report and its potential health consequences down the track confirm this to my mind.
    Yes, the good doctor was gotten to in one way or another!

  3. Of all the presentations I’ve seen or read on this site and similar I can’t think of one more powerful. This is as clear-cut as it gets. It simply presents facts and shows actual interactions. Amazing. Dr Lawrie is a heroine of the highest order.

  4. What people have to realize is that in order for the vaccine to be brought in under emergency use autherisation there had to be no alternatives. Hence the effort to discredit Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. In the Hcq trials they used 10 times the reccommended dose( almost lethal ) and claimed it made people sick. Also Bill and Melinda gates funded a trial and used high quality vitamin C as the placebo,and claimed Hcq worked no better than the placebo.

    This video, together with the Pfizer trials video would be a good easily understandable way to convince a doubter. The only thing missing is the fraudulence of the PCR tests.

    To summarize briefly……. Kerry Mullins, the inventor of the PCR machine claimed his machine was not capable of accurately diagnosing covid ( and then was found dead. ) Most tests are run at 45 cycles whereas 22 cycles is the max to give any accurate info. At 45 cycles magnification is round a trillion times and any sort of viral fragment is picked up (whether from a cold or flu or simply a dead viral fragment) It is estimated to give 98% false positives. Former Pfizer chief scientific officer,Michael Yeaden once took a sample from a 10 cycle test and was unable to get it to grow even under ideal lab conditions.

    So in summary your government and health authorities lied about alternative treatments, they lied about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and grossly inflated case numbers with the suspect PC R test.They allowed many to die unnecessarily to keep the narrative going (as Dr Tess, Vladimir Zelenko and the Frontline Drs say,80 % could have been saved.

  5. What a pivotal moment in our history. If only Andrew Hill had done the right thing would things have turned out differently? I guess we’ll never know.

    1. This was in the UK. Much the same thing happened all round the world,with a few rebel doctors treating patients successfuly. In Australia UAP’s Craig Kelly has been vocal about the issue and Clive Palmer brought a big supply of Hydroxy chloroquine in only to have it confiscated.

      On a more positive note, in the USA , Texas & Florida are the rebel states and Florda recently appointed a Frontline Doctor,skilled in the use of Hcq & Ivermectin ,as Surgeon General (guessing the equivalent to our CHO)

      In an inspiring inaugural speech he said that fear would be taken out of the equation and people would be educated on their options and educated about how to improve their immune systems. The vaccine would be available if anyone wanted it but they would be told the pros and cons.

      There have been reports from anonymous nurses that Ivermectin had been used in hospitals,but only on the vaccinated.I presume to give the illusion that the vaccine was resulting in less severe symptons.

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