Scomo Sends Mixed Message on Vaccine Mandates

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flip-flopped on the issue of mandatory vaccinations, contradicting previous statements he has made on the matter.

In a recent press conference, Morrison stated that it is not the intention of the Commonwealth to make new laws in relation to mandatory vaccination. This includes not making change to anti-discrimination laws which could protect workers threatened with losing their livelihoods for refusing vaccinations.

In short, Morrison appears to be implying that his government will not pass further laws on this issue. Neither to directly assist in the privatisation of vaccine mandates by employers or to strengthen existing anti-discrimination laws to protect workers who do not wish to comply.

Given this, Morrison’s is less making a stand against mandatory vaccinations, so much as a hobble, attempting to placate the reasonable concerns of workers who risk losing their jobs for their vaccination status.

Considering that Morrison has made statements in the past indicating that he favours mandatory vaccinations, his willingness to alter his position is clear. What the Australian people want to know is if this is just more meaningless placation designed to cynically win support or a firm and final decision on matter? His words are one matter, but it is difficult to determine whether he may backtrack again.

Morgan C Jonas asks how anyone can trust what Scott Morrison says anymore?

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  1. All Morrison does is spin, you can never get a straight or direct answer out of him. As a Christian, I am sorely disappointed by his approach, but then again, what did I expect after his response when Israel Falau came under fire for excercising his right to free speech.

  2. And they call Albanese “each way Albo”, I’m afraid that our happy clapper Prime Minister is quickly becoming a “Fuhrer” in a shallow disguise.

  3. Speaking of “mandatory”……
    This is the practice we (hubby and I) attend (about once a year, since we are very healthy for a people in our mid-seventies) One of the GPs there has been our doctor for over 20 years. We refuse to get the jab…..which means we can no longer have face-to-face consultations with our trusted doctor. We are now faced with the prospect of trying to find another GP…..not an easy task in Launceston!
    We are very upset and angry about this, and feel totally betrayed. Do we have any grounds for a legal challenge?

    1. A bunch of families were recently told to self quarantine for 2 weeks because 1 child at our kids school was diagnosed with COVID. Of the families who were sent to quarantine some were denied cancer treatment, MRI’s, radiology and access to heart specialists, m told to come back after quarantine. Tell me again the government is doing this to save lives. What a joke!