Mainstream Media Continues: ‘Varient Soup’

The mainstream media continues to pedal the COVID agenda with the ‘varient soup’ propaganda.

The following extract from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A “variant soup” of coronavirus has arrived in Victoria and experts warn the new Omicron offshoots will be better at evading immunity and will soon drive up infections.

The new wave of infections, which triggered a 25 per cent increase in reported coronavirus cases in Victoria in a week, has also sparked a fresh warning from infectious disease experts about the heightened risk of being reinfected with the virus.

However, they say it is too early to tell how big the wave will be or whether it will lead to more severe disease.

Doctors warn they are increasingly treating people who have been infected with coronavirus “three or four times”. Infectious diseases physician Associate Professor Paul Griffin said the emergence of new, more evasive subvariants, posed an increased threat to both vaccinated and previously infected people.

“Many people assume they will have less severe infections on successive reinfection, that’s not necessarily the case,” Griffin said. “We’ve certainly seen people who have had COVID a few times: they’ve been hospitalised with their third or fourth infection and that’s the one that’s turned out to be more severe.”

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said on Friday a spike in case numbers, combined with an increase in antiviral prescriptions and the positivity rate of PCR tests, suggested the state was “at the start of another COVID-19 wave”.

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