Monica and Simeon chatted to Alex Jones

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  1. I love Alxis been following him for 4 years now, People think he is a fruit loop, been telling us for a long time hopefully people will listen now.

  2. What a wonderful video of Monica, Simeon and Alex Jones.
    When will people wake up? If they have had the vaccine it is
    time to stand up for our children and their future. It is true –

  3. Monica, you were awesome in this interview!! You are SO where you are meant to be right now!! May the Lord keep you nourished and energise you when you feel spent. May you offload the weight of the world from your shoulders, for it is not yours to carry. Run in God’s strength. Blessings in Christ.
    David in Toowoomba, Qld.

  4. Please do not promote the idea that Australians have been disarmed. There are 3 million registered firearms in Australia. Our Sporting Shooters Association has a membership approaching 200,000! Firearm owners will not stage an armed uprising, for any reason. Will they resist forceful illegal entry onto and into their property?